2018 in 6 words

Three different worlds. Mile apart solution.

Randomized auto, broken FMS - programmers saddened

We’re on intake revision fifteen, right?

lets fix it with flex tape

We never had issues with this.

I made USB battery packs legal.

“Frank has me on speed dial”

Team work makes the dream work

Auton auton auton auton auton auton

(also known as “Fast auton boi more make win.”)

another contender could be

Passthrough was definitely a bad idea.

Grades dropping like cubes on scale.

Reported. “Universal Serial Bus”: Three words.

Swing points are important to strategy

That’s alotta damage!

Two robots, two teams, one school

Eliminated second team in HVR quarterfinals

FIRST, and College Classes; Bad GPA

Too many black air tanks? Never!

Did you set the right autonomous?

New CNC mill! FMS can’t ruin.

Wow. True Blue at one regional!