2018 Lone Star South

30 teams coming to Pasadena, with a solid 20% of them of them bringing wildcards:
118 (winner x2)
624 (winner)
4587 (winner)
5414 (finalist - wildcard)
6800 (RAS)
6898 (RAS)

Did I miss any?

Finals here could good pretty interesting. 118, 624, and 4587 are all favorites I’m sure, with 118 and 624 likely vying for the top spot between win/loss and buddy lifts. 5414 has gotten some good practice time and are looking forward to showing up a better scale scoring robot. 5427 had the 4th highest ownership score at central, and discobots, high voltage, and VorTX weren’t far behind them. I’ve seen some hints at a big rebuilding day on Thursday for Blarglefish. 6800 and 6898 didn’t do so bad at their respective first showings either, and 7312 has an everybot style robot, which we’ve all seen that style robot be very effective.

I’ve heard it’s a small venue and there’s at least 2 or 3 teams that usually bring a large team. Hopefully everyones ready to get cozy

We’ll be joining Blarglefish in the “big rebuilding day on Thursday” fun.

Looking forward to a fun event!

This Regional is going to be interesting for Sure… I know we can’t wait to get out there and see all you.

It’s going to be very interesting with a small talented field of bots with some of TX best at the top. VorTX will be another team making some significant changes on Thursday (new intake). This will be a very good trial run of next year’s districts. :smiley:

You are not the only one we had to modify ours so we are going to be putting on the comp bot on Thursday…Going to be awesome to see the changes that teams are going to make for the week 6 regional

Any news on whether the stream will be up for tomorrow? I heard San Jacinto was blocking Twitch on their internet.

Looks like it will be. I think they got a VPN to get past some “issues” :slight_smile:

14 Qual mathes and 2 match turnarounds… it’s going to be a fun weekend.

Actual issue was with the configuration of the webcasting PC. It was routing one of the streams through the direct connection to the network, and one of the streams through the FMS to the internet. Guess which one worked better. We finally got it ironed out around match 15 I think. There were probably a lot of drops for a bit there while we re routed things, and then everything should’ve been smooth after that.

Just want to say thanks to all the volunteers and teams at LSS! Having only 30 teams and several people filling roles outside of what they normally do, I think things went generally smoother than what I was anticipating.

I also thought that the level of play was pretty good. There was a match between 4192 and 1745 that might be one of the most exciting qualification matches I’ve seen - both teams were really great to watch!

Many thanks to our awesome alliance partners 3802 and 6488. We didn’t think we’d have a chance to have a switch capable bot still for the 3rd robot so I was pretty excited about our alliance. I think our second semifinals match was the closest that 624/118/6645 had - if we had followed the strategy better that first match or had a couple better throws the second match who knows what could have happened.

And of course congratulations to 624/118 for continuing their Lone Star domination as a pairing and I’m excited for 6645 being able to go to champs! I was surprised 6645 was still available for that pick as they showed they could consistently put cubes in the vault with their skilled driving. also congratulations to 3103 on EI! I have a video that captured some of y’alls reactions to winning - if you’d like it let me know how to get it to you.