2018 Los Angeles Regional

Once again, the Los Angeles Regional returns! I’m excited to see what everybody has done over the course of the past 8 weeks, and I’m excited to see what strategies and alliances everybody will be forming. I expect that robots will be highly competitive.

See you guys in Pomona!

Team 1452: Omnicats is also looking forward to competing in LA this week.
We had a blast in Utah Week 1, but are excited to be home (well ~40 miles from home) and at a new venue. Welcome to our rookie teams 7042, 7051, 7185 and Team 4972 from Turkey! See you on the field!

3512 is hyped for Los Angeles! New venue is always a fun experience and I expect to see some close matches.

I’ve been posting this around, but 3512 found a box of new old t-shirts we are looking to get rid of. If anyone is looking to trade, don’t be afraid to talk to our awards member in the 3512 pit about it.


Robokong is ready for LA!
FRC 2493

see you all tomorrow night!

I’ll see you all there, even if you don’t recognize me!

Nice, another rampbot! May the best ramps win :smiley:

Can’t wait to see all the neat designs everyone came up with this year!

Challenge accepted. CYA there, loading in tonight.

I’ve got my eyes on you. Good luck teams

There was a backpack and tool bag and red case left at LARegional.
It is an Arizona team.
Possibly Michael cole Kelly…
please contact me so I can direct you to the LA Regional director who has your stuff!

A couple of things on the LA Regional in Pomona CA-- Many thanks to every volunteer; especially the students from Chile who stood their posts throughout and would give the best effort to accomplish any task given them, from assembling the field, working the gates and fixing carpet and preventing heads from getting bashed, all with a limited versatility with the English language. Thanks too to the Harvey Mudd students, JPL employees, and so many others like team Circuit Breakers for staying late and packing the Tetris-like road crates. (a side note reflecting the language barriers: give our Field Supervisor at the OC Regional every benefit; though every part made its way into a crate, not every part got in the right crate…)

On another note, see the discussion here on Machine Shops at venues:


I’m seeing more teams bring in pit-sized shop gear, making them more capable on the field when they demolish their machines during matches, while making it available to other teams. So too a thanks to the Holy Cows machine shop staffed by Bill and former FRC students from team 207, and team Robodox for their Robot First Aid Station.

And congratulations to three students who won scholarships awarded by LA Robotics and the Southern California Regional Robotics Forum:

Wilder Buchanan
Madison Robbins
Michael McNabb

You Juniors and Seniors–There’s fifty million bucks waiting for you with probably more after the season ends, as business and industry sees the capability you have accomplished by being involved with fRC; Apply Apply Apply:


Reseda Regents Robotics, Team 2584, wants to thank and congratulate Team 5802 - Los STEMateros and Team 330 - The Beach Bots for being such wonderful partners. We were excited to have the opportunity to work with you. Good luck in Houston!

Congratulations to 5802, 330, and 2584 on their awesome alliance taking the gold at Los Angeles. Also, thank you and congratulations to 968 winning Engineering Inspiration and 980 on their Chairman’s Award. You were both great teammates.

Andrew Duerner
Lead Mentor
FRC Team 5818

Thanks Andrew