2018 MSC DTE Energy Division Robots

33 Killer Bees
67 The HOT Team
70 More Martians
1023 Bedford Express
1596 The Instigators
1701 RoboCubs
2137 TORC
2337 EngiNERDs
2474 Excel
3535 Galaktech Invaders
3572 Wavelength
3620 Average Joes
3656 Dreadbots
3707 Brighton TechnoDogs
4216 Blue Ops Robotics
4362 Gems
4381 Twisted Devils
4384 Benzene Bots
4392 The Deceivers
4819 Flat Mountain Mechanics
5046 Jacked Up Jackets
5155 Bearcats
5216 E-Ville Empire
5230 The Resistance
5460 Strike Zone
5501 Bobcats
5517 The Engineers on Fire
5555 Spartans
5561 Raider Robotics
5709 Rudyard Nerf Herders
5980 East Grand Rapids Robotics
6087 Cybertronic Lancers
6090 Wayland Wildcats
6099 Knight Riders
6121 Robo Vikes
7056 The F.A.S.T. Team - Fowlerville Area Scientific Technicians
7187 Gear Cats
7226 Error 404
7244 Huskies Robotics

DTE has 40 teams just like the other 3 divisions

For some reason FiM team list for DTE lists Team #6117 Wingspan, based on their ranking they did not qualify for state.

Wingspan will be playing at MSC in the DTE division, for a total of 41 teams.

I’ll let someone from their team or from FiM explain here, that way we can have it explained well.

After talking to the wingspan mentors, it seems like it was an admin error. Online in FIMS it said that an extra team declined, and they had the option to sign up so they did. In reality it was a tech error and they intended on going. So that left FiM with 161 teams saying yes to states. 6117 hadn’t paid yet but were in contact with FiM and HQ, and after a night of an emotional roller coaster it was figured out that with 2 or 3 extra matches on DTE they could compete so they were allowed to finish their registration, pay, and go to states.

tldr: FIRST is great, but not perfect, and sometimes stuff happens.