2018 Newton Subdivision


It’s 1982’s first ever championship and we’re very very VERY excited to play with everyone in Newton! Because we’re such a small team, we’re wondering if any teams in Newton would be interested in forming a scouting alliance to work together. We have about four students we can dedicate to scouting to lend a hand with another team, if possible.


6424 will be on Newton also. We would love to have you all join us. Let me know or send me a private message and we can exchange contact info.


Excited for the match on the preliminary schedule where we get to play alongside teams 1982 and 6424 for a full KC alliance!


4513 is also looking to join a scouting alliance. They have 3-7 people that they can send for it last time I asked.

On a different note, Newton looks to be one interestig division, and i will definitely be watching (unfourtunetly from home.)


Looks good. We can’t wait!


Excited to see what happens in this division with all these great teams!

2403 is ready for this high level of competition.

Good luck everyone!


This is going to be fun!!

Looking forward to playing with all these top notch teams at my team’s first trip to Champs since 2014!


Prediction Google Sheet for Newton based on Caleb Syke’s ELO Win Margin / Event Predictor data. Once the schedules are locked in I recommend using his actual predictor…but here’s a start for you all.


As a member of team 3737 I am very excited for Houston this year. I am excited to see this high level of game play in the Newton division.


This looks nuts. Can’t wait to see what happens.


Hey Devin, I know that I would be willing to help your team out with scouting, but that’s not my decision. I will ask my team captain about it and let you know. even if we don’t work together you can still ask us about scouting information. Just look for the bright green shirts with an 8-bit raptor on it at the field. That’s us. If we are using the same system we had at worlds last year we will have an excel spreadsheet with different averages for all the teams on our field. But I am not sure as I am not Scouting Head this year.



After each of our events we love looking through photos taken by our photography mentors and students. We realize not every team gets this opportunity.

We have 2 photographers that are willing to take photographs of other teams. If you are interested and are in Newton, PM me and we will try to see if we can help!



Sorry to show up late to the party, but this is something 6844 would be interested in as well. If you’re still looking for other teams to pitch in, I’d love details via PM.


6424 Is always willing to help out. We use paper scouting method then we input it into excel where we can sort the data. I have printed extra papers and we have a printer in our pits if we need more. Anyone that needs help feel free to send my a message and I will get you my contact info so we can get together.


1868 is looking forward to competing with everyone! Good luck, and see you all soon!



I had a great time MCing the Newton field this year and was incredibly entertained to meet such a depth and breadth of teams who are all so different and wonderful. I was amazed by the standard of play - you all are truly World Championship worthy teams. Congratulations once again to our Newton winners (1678, 1619, 4061 and 1723) who did us very proud on Einstein. May you all have safe journeys home (I’m about to board my 15 hour fight!) and I hope to hang out and say your numbers again in the future!


You were very entertaining and informative. Can you come MC the Sacramento Regional if we get 3132 to attend?


Newton Drive Team photos can be found here: https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-b5RLMb/