2018 Pants Trading Thread

I would like to start the official thread for a new tradition of trading pants at competitions for FIRST Power Up! I am always interested in trading with other teams, and I know many others are as well! If you want to submit a proposal, no matter where you’re from, here is the place to put it!

I have a pair of chinos, 29x32, that I am willing to trade. Right now I’m looking for pants from 1756, 2194, 4039, and/or 2512. Let me know if you’re in!

Asks to trade pants, doesn’t ask specifically for 900 pants.


Team member has a pair of 302 medium sweatpants. Nothing fancy just say 302 on them

Supreme pants < Argos pants

They’re not at Detroit, but 900 is just like colorblind 2512 anyways.

I’m willing to trade 358’s pants

Not familiar, send pics

space dinosaurs

Looking for 1360 Galaxy Print sweatpants.

Will trade Target jeans (size as requested) < 30$ value.

Love it.

I hate that I didn’t make this thread first.

Dude nice, nobody ever has my size. I’ve got, like, some shorts or whatever you can have? Done deal

I’m down for shorts but I gotta lay down some ground rules:

S01. Team numbers must be displayed and positioned on the POSTERIOR such that an observer walking around the perimeter of the WEARER can unambiguously tell the Team’s number from any point of view and meet the following additional criteria:
A. consist of Arabic numerals at least 4 in. (~11 cm) high, at least 1⁄2 in. (~12.7 mm) in stroke width, and be either white in color or outlined in white with a minimum 1/16 in. (~1.6mm) outline
B. may not substitute logos or icons for numerals

S02. SHORTS must be designed for quick and easy installation and removal
As a guideline, SHORTS should be able to be installed or removed by
two (2) people in fewer than five (5) minutes.

S03. SHORTS must be located entirely within the SHORTS ZONE, which is the volume contained
between the floor and a virtual horizontal plane 36 in. (~19 cm) above the floor in reference to
the WEARER standing normally on a flat floor.

Generally speaking, shorts should be no longer than 12 inches and should fit tightly against the WEARER PERIMETER.

In the case of any ambiguity in the rules, the ultimate decision would be determined by the PANTS INSPECTORS at your event, with the final call made by the Head PANT INSPECTOR.

I want some 1511 pants. Too bad I have nothing to trade.

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As far as I remember when the students were discussing buying them last year they are just from Amazon.

Something like this. (May not be the exact model)

Team 900’s amazing pants come specifically from Zubaz. We are proud to count them as a supporter and sponsor of our team.

I saw this thread, literally yelled “GOD DANGIT MARSHALL” before seeing who started it.

I would hope this is a general guideline for most articles of clothing.

My friend already pants traded. Also what there was interclothing trading such as hoodies for pants, shirts for hoodies, pants for shirts, etc.

Does your friend have any pants from 4039? Would have helped if he had posted in the thread.