2018 PCH Project

Dear our honorable fellow Peachtree District FRC Teams (and everyone else ;),

I hope everyone’s preparing well for kickoff next season! I’m definitely excited to see all of the teams at the five (did you hear about our additional district event?) regular events- and hopefully more competitions after those. Steamworks was definitely exciting for PCH, so I’m looking forward to another great game season with Power Up (2018)!

During last season’s World Championships, my team and I ran into a few Texas FRC teams with trading cards, on each a picture of each team’s Steamworks robot and some information about them. We thought that was an amazing idea (creds to the team who created them :slight_smile: and that our PCH community can do as well!

So, our team (FRC 4188) is planning on a tiny project that would help all of us know each other better in a more interactive way: team trading cards. We’re hoping to gather as many interested PCH FRC teams as possible (we’re aiming for everyone in the district!), so help us spread the word! Here’s the link to our interest form: https://goo.gl/forms/DMPdP5ScJzUwQGmz2

Thanks, and I hope to see many teams interested in this project!

FRC 4188 | Columbus Space Program

Nice idea! I know 1002 organized something similar years ago… I remember finding trading cards for our 2006 robot lying around our mess of a shop in 2012-2013. :rolleyes:

Also, I reccomend joining and posting in the FRC Georgia Alliance facebook group, you will reach a lot of PCH teams that way: