2018 Rocket City Regional

Greetings everyone …

Just wanted to welcome everyone to the 3rd annual Rocket City Regional and give everyone a heads up on a couple things.

1st - For those of you who have attended the RCR in the past and enjoyed the amount of floor space that we’ve had … well … come prepared for a change this time. We’re having to work in about half the space this time so it’s going to be a bit cozy but that just means that we’ll get to know each other a little better :slight_smile:

2nd - I’ll be your LRI again (not sure if that’s good or bad news). We are short on volunteers for robot inspection. If you have team members with inspection experience, I could really use some help. I need about 3 more experienced volunteers (I already have several that are new to inspection). Thursday is the toughest day for us and where I really need the help.

3rd - Please leave your shop compressors at home or in your trailer. I’m always worried about power distribution issues and the urge to charge your robot pneumatics with shop air. If you bring one, know that I will be asking you to remove it.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the RCR. Have a safe trip!

Thanks for the update.

Does that mean each team’s pit space will be less than 10’ x 10’?

Pit space is 10’ x 10’ x 10’. No change there to my knowledge.


As a team that uses the sheetmetal technique to build robots and uses a compressor to run our rivet gun the compressor ban is disappointing. We use 1/4" rivets to attach our bumpers the first time, after that we have a slip on Velcro cover. We don’t use our compressor much however when we do it is plugged into a 20amp breaker in our pit.

Is there any way the size of compressors could be limited? Perhaps a specific spot in the venue where only one compressor can be run at a time?

I would appreciate some type of compromise for teams like ours as I am sure we are not alone. If we were there would not be a problem.

I would be open to setting up a shared compressor resource in a common area that’s not part of the pit power distribution. Perhapse near the inspection station so that my concern with charging pneumatics is not an issue. Find me during load-in if you would like to set that up …

The compressor will have to be left in this common area and not taken to the pits.

We had a blast attending our first Rocket City Regional!

The team social was something I’ll remember for quite a long time. It was humbling to see von Braun’s slide rule alongside students who might well make just as great an impact on humankind.

Congratulations to teams 2556, 3792, and 3844 for an exciting finals win.

I am truly in awe of team 2468’s Chairman’s submission. If this isn’t a hall of fame effort, I don’t know what is.

Thanks so much to our alliance partners, teams 141 and 5410. This was our team’s second ever elimination appearance, and our first time captaining an alliance. We could not have asked for more fun (and competitive) partners.

We are excited to carry our success in Huntsville back home to Bayou this weekend.

2468 had a blast at Rocket City Regional in Huntsville. It was fun meeting so many teams and getting to compete on the field with the teams.

Thanks to Dana Hobbs and Ed Sparks (Volunteer of the Year Award for Rocket City) for the hospitality extended to all teams attending.

Congrats to tournament champions FRC 2556 Radioactive Roaches, FRC 3792 The Army Ants, and FRC 3844 Kentucky Wildbots in a hard fought battle that was exciting to watch throughout all of the matches.

FRC 2974 STEM Pythons won a well deserved Engineering Inspiration.

Congrats to FRC 7011 RAD Robotics for their Rookie All Star Award. Just goes to show that a small team can do big things.

Good luck to all the teams competing the remaining weeks of competition and best of luck at Championships for those who have or will qualify over the next three weeks.


Did Ed Law move to Alabama? :ahh:

No, I think the award went to Ed Sparks! Well deserved!

3792 had a great time at the Rocket City Regional! This was our first ever regional win!

Thanks so much to our alliance partners, 2556 Radioactive Roaches and 3844 Kentucky Wildbots. You guys were great to work with! 2556 really impressed us with their strategy and 3844 played incredible defense. We couldn’t have won without 3844 slowing down the entire blue alliance.

Also, we were impressed with 4087 for their awesome vault capabilities. I’m sure you’ll do well in your next event. We had so much fun playing both with and against 3959 and 342.

That is what I get for trying to multitask.

Ed Sparks ran a great tournament this weekend even feeling under the weather.

The Wildbots had an incredible time at Rocket City! Thanks again to the hosts and volunteers for an amazing experience!

We’d also like to thank our alliance partners 3792 and 2556 for taking a chance on us; we felt that our robot had a lot of potential when paired with the right alliance, but we were worried that no one else saw it. What an awesome surprise to be picked by the top alliance.

Congrats again to 3959, 342, and 7072, on the hard fought finals matches (all four of them). I was personally dreading going up against that alliance.

Finally, we also want to thank our pit neighbors 3959 for giving us parts friday afternoon. I’m confident we wouldn’t have been across the field from you if you hadn’t.

You’re more than welcome. We live by the Golden Rule and hope others will do the same. Congratulations and good luck with the rest of your season, we’ll be at Smoky Mountain this week looking for a win.

3959 had a great time in Huntsville this weekend. We enjoyed meeting new friends and getting together with old ones. It was a great start to our season.

Congrats to 2556, 3792, and 3844 on the win. Our alliances were very evenly matched and those were some epic matches. I have a feeling if we played 10 times we’d both end up 5-5. We look forward to playing with and against you guys again soon. Good luck in Houston.

Thank you to our alliance partners 342 and 7072. You guys are awesome. We loved Powering Up with you.

Awesome job to 7072 winning the Rookie Inspiration Award and 7111 on their Rookie All Star win. It’s great to see young Alabama teams get off to a strong start.

Way to go Ed! Volunteer of the Year! We’re thankful for all you do for the FIRST community in general and 3959 specifically. Ready to go to Knoxville?

Shout out to our old friends 2468 on their Chairman’s win. We knew when we saw that you were coming to Rocket City that Chairman’s would be tough to win this year. Good luck in Utah. We’ll be rooting for you.

We’re glad we were able to help.We know you would do the same for us if the situation was reversed. We were very happy to see you guys selected for the playoffs. Hopefully we’ll see you in Corbin this fall.

We’re off to Knoxville in about 14 hours. We’ve never competed in back to back regionals before. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I know I’m forgetting something…