2018 Rumble in the Roads

Tomorrow’s webcast will be available in TBA.

Looking forward to seeing everyone for our 5th year!

No Gifs? Rumble will be serious this year? Not possible.

Should have asked this with my other post, are there any major rules changes this year to Rumble, or default First Power UP?

I’m excited to see all the new, rookie, and out of state teams competing at rumble. Hope for a interesting competition.


There will be no playoff tiebreakers; all ties in Playoffs will be replayed.

G09. Launching POWER CUBES is okay. Launching is illegal when a team is targeting a plate that is not the closest plate to them, when a team launches a cube directly from a portal location to a plate, if a team launches a cube trying to damage another robot or if a cube is recklessly launched out of the field.

G22. One POWER CUBE per ROBOT. ROBOTS may not CARRY more than one (1) POWER CUBE at a time. Pushing, herding, bulldozing are allowed as long as no other rules are broken in the process.

G25. PLATES are moved by POWER CUBES, not ROBOTS. Except via the weight of placed POWER CUBES, ROBOTS may not directly or transitively cause or prevent the movement of PLATES to their ALLIANCE’s advantage. Movement, or prevention of movement, of PLATES because of momentary ROBOT action resulting in minimal PLATE displacement is not a violation of this rule. A ROBOT forced to affect the position of a PLATE because of contact by an opponent ROBOT either directly or transitively through a POWER CUBE or other ROBOT (e.g. a ROBOT wedged underneath the SCALE by the opposing ALLIANCE either intentionally or accidentally) is not a violation of this rule.

Sparky Team 384 would like to thank Nate, Matt & Kyle and all the rest of the volunteers for putting on a great event. A special thanks to Heritage High School for Hosting the event. Sparky would also like to thank Team 346 the RoboHawks for inviting us to be a part of the #2 alliance. Congratulations to #3 alliance Team 836 RoboBees (captain), 623 Oakton Cougars & 2363 Triple Helix for winning 2018 Rumble in the Roads!

Heck yeah! Easily one of the best off season events out there. Thanks for having us back folks!

Yes this. RitR is just a fun event We enjoyed all of it. Maybe dropping of the herding rule less so. Now onto Deep Space.

1629 - GaCo had a wonderful time at the Rumble! Thank you for hosting a great event!

Congrats to 836 - Our buddies the Bees, 2363 - Our favorite helix, and 623 - the ferocious Cougars!!! It was a pleasure to play against you all in the Finals!

I was disappointed you all didn’t exploit the relaxed launching rule and do autos like 2659 at Chezy Champs!

Congratulations to our award winners!

Winners - 836 The RoboBees, 623 Oakton Cougar Robotics, and 2363 Triple Helix

Finalists - 1599 CircuiTree, 1629 GaCo, and 3136 ORCA

The Captain Award sponsored by Christopher Newport University is presented to a team whose members gain the pride and respect of not only their school and sponsors, but also their competitors. This team truly inspires others with their teamwork, leadership, and gracious professionalism on and off the field. This year’s award is being presented to the team that inspires and promotes STEM awareness through their community outreach. Their commitment to strengthening opportunities for education for the advancement of STEM goes beyond their own team, to the community at large. They seek opportunities to improve the lives of citizens in the community in which they live. The Captain Award goes to Team 2363, Triple Helix!

Celebrating machine robustness in concept and fabrication, the Ironclad Award sponsored by Swisslog Logistics is presented to a team whose robot has shown true resilience in combat. While their robot may come away from this event with battle scars, this team has built their robot to stay afloat. This team demonstrated through constant innovation and iteration to overcome challenges on the field through the use of sensors and use of integrated automation. Approaching each cube as a hungry hippo was the key to success on the field. This year’s Ironclad Award goes to Team 836, the Robobees.

USS Monitor
The USS Monitor presented a new concept in ship design and employed a variety of new innovations in ship building that caught the attention of the world. The USS Monitor Award, sponsored by Canon, celebrates innovation in robot components, design, or strategy of play. This team’s unique ideas stretch beyond the norm and reflect creative thinking to effectively achieve their goals on the field of battle. It takes courage to innovate as bold ideas do not initially translate into success on the field. But through multiple iterations, we feel confident this team will show its true stripes by achieving a fully automated bot. Their efforts obtain data through use of robust sensors and specialized design will lead them to their goal. This year’s USS Monitor Award goes to Team 900, Zebracorn.

The Shipbuilder Award, sponsored by Newport News Shipbuilding, celebrates form and function in an efficiently designed machine that effectively achieves the game challenge. This team demonstrates a clear understanding of the rules of the game and their robot has been designed to effectively complete the tasks with consistency and accuracy. Don’t be fooled by this small-town team who has big ideas for maneuvering their way on the field. Their efficiency in moving allowed them to be accurate in cube pickup at any orientation. This skrappy little team is quick and surefooted. From Skipwith, VA, the Shipbuilder Award goes to Team 1413, Skrappy.