2018 Sacramento Regional

We’re less than a day out from load in and it is looking like this will be a Sacramento to remember. There will be 5 wildcards present (100, 1678, 2073, 3880 and the auto generated). Also of note, this will be 52 teams first time playing power up.

We look forward to seeing y’all tomorrow and competing against some of the best…

100 The WildHats Woodside CA USA
199 Deep Blue Belmont CA USA
295 Grizzly Robotics Team Granite Bay CA USA
383 Brazilian Machine Porto Alegre RS Brazil
692 The Fembots Sacramento CA USA
701 RoboVikes Fairfield CA USA
852 The Athenian Robotics Collective Danville CA USA
981 Snobotics Lebec CA USA
1072 Harker Robotics San Jose CA USA
1280 Ragin' C- Biscuits Danville CA USA
1323 MadTown Robotics Madera CA USA
1351 Mitty Robotics "TKO" San Jose CA USA
1458 Red Tie Robotics Danville CA USA
1662 Raptor Force Engineering Lodi CA USA
1671 Buchanan Bird Brains Clovis CA USA
1678 Citrus Circuits Davis CA USA
2035 Robo Rockin' Bots Carmel CA USA
2073 EagleForce Elk Grove CA USA
2085 RoboDogs Vacaville CA USA
2141 Spartonics Concord CA USA
2144 Gators Atherton CA USA
2204 Rambots Hayward CA USA
2367 Lancer Robotics Mountain View CA USA
2551 Penguin Empire Novato CA USA
3013 Zombots Vallejo CA USA
3189 Circuit Breakers Placerville CA USA
3250 Kennedy Robotics Sacramento CA USA
3256 WarriorBorgs San Jose CA USA
3257 Vortechs Lincoln CA USA
3303 Metallic Thunder Fresno CA USA
3482 Arrowbotics Campbell CA USA
3501 Firebots Sunnyvale CA USA
3598 SEStematic Eliminators Sacramento CA USA
3615 Reavers Sacramento CA USA
3669 RoboKnights Ripon CA USA
3859 Wolfpack Robotics Elk Grove CA USA
3880 Tiki Techs Kailua Kona HI USA
3970 Duncan Dynamics FresnoCA USA
4135 Iron Patriots Modesto CA USA
4171 BayBots Seaside CA USA
4643 Butte Built Bots Oroville CA USA
4698 Rio Robotics Sacramento CA USA
5250 Kinetic Sacramento CA USA
5274 Wolverines Sacramento CA USA
5458 Digital Minds Woodland CA USA
5480 FYRE (FIRST Young Robotics Engineers) Reno NV USA
5496 Robo Knights Vacaville CA USA
5507 Robotic Eagles San FranciscoCA USA
5728 CCybernetics Santa Rosa CA USA
5817 Uni-Rex Sanger CA USA
5940 B.R.E.A.D.Burlingame CA USA
6039 Cypress Circuits Pebble Beach CA USA
6059 System Overload Robotics Livermore CA USA
6174 Kaprekar's Constants Winters CA USA
6305 Stable Circuits Fresno CA USA
6398 Kilo-bots Santa Paula CA USA
6474 Armijo Robotics Fairfield CA USA
6612 NexGen Antioch CA USA
6619 GravitechX Livermore CA USA
6644 Atomic Automatons Rocklin CA USA
6918 Napa High Cellar Rats Napa CA USA
7057 Titanators Orange Cove CA USA
7229 Electronic Eagles Sacramento CA USA
7308 DeepVision Los Altos CA USA

This is an absolutely gigantic event. I can’t wait to see some more awesome teams plus some I already saw last weekend. Good luck to everyone competing!

I have heard so many great things about this regional over the years and we are very excited to of been able to to secure a spot to compete with so many fine teams…

I think the 3889 is a typo … :eek:


1072 is looking forward to competing at the Sacramento Regional! We wish all teams the best of luck this weekend.

Here is our reveal video:


Thanks for the typo catch… we hope the regional was worth the trip out!

Huge huge shout out to the chairman’s winners 1678. That win was very very well deserved.

Congratulations to 1678, 1323 and 3970 for taking home the event win. Also congratulations to 1072, 6474 and 3880 for the finalist. I’m very happy to see 6474 competing where they are right now and I can say without a doubt in my mind they are going to be a household name in the years to come.

This event definitely held up the name Stackremento. It was a very well run event as always and I can’t wait to see everyone back next year!

Here is a link to our SmugMug gallery of all of the drive and pit team photos we took at the Sacramento Regional

We would like to extend a huge thanks to our alliance partners 6474 and 3880. Our elevator tore itself apart in the first quarterfinals match, but they were able to pick up the slack and lead our alliance to finals. Working with them was a pleasure and we look forward to seeing 6474 and 3880 at champs!

Photos of the Sacramento Regional can be found at these updated links:

Drive teams

Team spirit

In the pits

Match photos



The picture links are wonderful!

Thank you very much for sharing…

I hope to gather the media team’s photos this week for posting on our website…
Currently we are on the mad dash to fund our Houston trip and get our students caught up on school work so they may attend.

I might not be able to get them posted until after that. :smiley:


See many of you soon…