2018 SBPLI Long Island Regional #2

The 2018 SBPLI Long Island Regional #2 is right around the corner!

The schedule can be found here.

Thank you SBPLI for all that you do for this event and for teams across Long Island!

The following teams are competing this upcoming weekend:

263- Sachem Aftershock

271- Mechanical Marauders

287- Floyd

329- Mohawks

334- TechKnights

353- POBots

369- High Voltage Robotics

496- Royals

527- Red Dragons

533- The PSIcotics


601- BayBots

806- The Brooklyn Blacksmiths

810- The Mechanical Bulls

870- TEAM R.I.C.E.

884- Mechanical Mules

1468- Hicksville J-Birds

1554- Oceanside Robotics

1601- Quantum Samurai

1635- Technotics

1751- The Warriors

1796- RoboTigers

2487- Mechanical Animals

2601- Steel Hawks

2641- PCCR

2872- CyberCats

2875- CyberHawks

3015- Ranger Robotics

3171- Hurricanes

3950- RoboGym Robotics

4006- CIBorgs

4050- Biohazard

4458- Infernobotix

4528- Automatons

4567- The Mechanized Mafia

5599- The Sentinels

5736- Kingsmen

5806- Horace Mann School

6232- Florya Bisons

6422- GearHeadz

6636- Full Metal Beavers

6746- Mustangs

6806- Mineola Wild Reds

7201- Crobotics

Team 353, The POBots, are excited to see and compete with many of our close friends and new teams to the regional!

Since there isn’t a thread for #1, thought I’d just stick this here.

I just wanted to thank all the directors, judges, referees, and volunteers for making the two regionals possible. We had a great time competing, and the event really helped us realize some necessary bot tuning. I will say it was a grueling 3 days, right after spring break and coming back right to school with so much missed. Props to the couple hundred kids all in the same boat now :smiley: .

Congrats to the winning alliance captained by 3646 with 469 and 2234 and 533 + 2638 for finalist wildcards. Huge shoutout to 5016 for Chairman’s - extremely well deserved!

Also huge thank you to all the teams who helped us throughout the event - without 271 our robot wouldn’t have performed as well as it did, and 6806 for an extra robot bag. That could have gotten messy…

I’d like to thank my mentors for nominating me for the 2018 Fred Breithut Award at SBPLI - it was an amazing honor to be recognized.

Congrats to our media lead for a well earned Deans List Finalist, and because of Engineering Inspiration we look forward to competing in Detroit in a couple short weeks!

Congrats to everyone and best of luck at SBPLI #2 to those competing!