2018 Shirt Trading Thread

It’s never to early to plan ahead, so I would like to start the thread for the long-upheld tradition of trading shirts at competitions for FIRST Power Up! I am always interested in trading with other teams, and I know many others are as well! If you want to submit a proposal, no matter where you’re from, here is the place to put it!

I am from 2169 KING TeC out of Minnesota, and I will be going to the Central Illinois Regional, the Seven Rivers Regional, and the North World Championship in Detroit.

My “wish list” for those competitions includes 1986, 2767, 67, 2481, 4624, 4241, 537, 1756, and 5586, but I am very open to any others as well! PM me if you’re interested!

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I have a few medium 1477 shirts, hoodies, and hats for trade at Dallas, Lone Star Central, South Florida, and Houston Champs. I also have friends in all sizes that want to trade. PM me if interested!

Ah, Ben. I was waiting for you to make this thread.

I have one medium KING TeC shirt. I also have a large 2017 FIM state champs shirt (33-469-2834). I may also have a medium 6844 Provotypes shirt as well.

I will be attending the Utah regional. For the 2169 and 6844 shirts, I am open to requests from just about anyone attending Utah, but I would love a 2468 shirt the most.

With the Michigan State Champs shirt, I’m more willing to work with shipping. I’m just a little more exclusive as to what shirt I’ll trade it for.

I have 781, 5406 and Ri3D Team Ontario shirts that I can trade.

If you’re interested, slide into my dms! Size medium only please. I will randomly be at a bunch of different Ontario events (although not Windsor or North Bay). I will for sure be at Mac and DCMP.

I’ve definitely got some 103 garb if anybody wants some. Shirts, bags, and a few other odds and ends.

I will be at MAR Hatboro-Horsham, MAR Mount Olive, MAR Springside-Chestnut Hill, MAR Montgomery, and MAR Champs (possibly Detroit Champs, still need to ask the boss…).

PM if you are interested.

I’d love to trade some 1319 shirts this year, we will be at Rocket City and Palmetto.

Would love to trade some 2849 shirts .Ill be at Mostly. CHS district and CHS district champ.Possible Detroit for World if we qualify

I will have 2791 and 1257 shirts to trade, though it’d be preferred if you reach out soon, before shirt orders are due. I will be at Central New York, Tech Valley, and likely MAR DCMP and Detroit. PM me if you’re interested in trading.

I’m not really sure what I want, so feel free to send any offer my way.

I am looking for 27, 33, 217, 254, 118, 469, 1678, 1986, 2767, 3683. I’m open to more trades also. I will be at St Joe FiM, Forrest Hills FiM, and hopefully FiM State Championship and then Detroit Championship.

Ill be at West Valley and Idaho (hopefully) if anyone is interested in trading, i have 4513 shirts/polos galore and maybe a couple other team shirts as requested.

Hi! I have Team 1241: THEORY6 and Team 1285: The Big Bang regular t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, practice day t-shirts and hats in all sizes to trade at the McMaster, Waterloo (possibly other districts) and Canadian Pacific Regional events, the Ontario District Championships and Detroit World Championships.

I’m looking for medium shirts/hoodies/polos/hats from Team 71, 148, 177, 188, 341, 359, 503, 610, 971, 1023, 1114, 1323, 1477, 1538, 2056, 2481, 2767, 4039, 5406 though I will consider offers from any team. I’m particularly interested in “specialty” items like limited editions shirts, or polos.

Please PM me if interested!

Hello! I will be able to acquire pretty much any Team 1241: THEORY6 and Team 1285: The Big Bang shirts in any size to trade at the McMaster, Waterloo (possibly other districts) and Canadian Pacific Regional events, the Ontario District Championships and Detroit World Championships.

I am looking for small shirts and possibly hoodies :slight_smile:
Please PM me if you’d like to trade!

Hello! I have Iron Giants shirts in M, L and S, but I’m looking for shirts in M (preferred) or S. We will be at the FiM Kentwood & St. Joseph and possibly FiM State or the Detroit Championship. I’ll also take things like hoodies and stuff but please know I only have shirts to trade.

I already have a shirt from 4967 and 4325 and I’m looking for shirts from any teams, but especially from 2767 and 2474. Please PM me if you’re interested! :slight_smile:

I still have some S, M, L, & XL tshirts/hoodies from Mexican team Panteras 2283. I’m uncertain which events I’ll be attending but willing to ship from Austin, TX if preferred.

I’m still missing tshirts/hoodies from 27, 341, 1114, 1538, 2056 and 3132. Open to any other offers, too. Looking for M size in return.

I’m going to start trading shirts this year and i’m from team 3633. I’m a senior this year so i’m trying to trade as many as possible, i’m open to anything

I am on team 2491, No Mythic, and our shirts are pretty cool if I say so myself: purple tie-dye that the team does themselves, not to mention unicorns. If you want pictures, I’ll get some to you.

I will be at Great Northern Regional, North Star Regional (I can trade with 10K teams as well), and if everything works out, the Detroit Championship. I’m also willing to ship. I will be trading away large shirts, and will be asking for large shirts in return.

My admittedly quite long wish list from the events I’ll likely attend is: 111, 233, 525, 876, 1114, 1816, 1986, 2052, 2169, 2177, 2451, 2512, 2574, 2614, 2767, 2846, 2883, 3130, 3883, 4536, and 5172. However, I will accept any offers presented!

Happy trading everyone. :slight_smile:

I have 166 shirts in XL. I prefer that you pm me as well.

I’ll be at UNH, SE MASS and possibly NE champs and Detroit. I can mail it if preferred.

I’ve got a mix of (mostly Large) shirts ranging from event-specific to regular team wear. The full spreadsheet (that I keep regularly updated) can be found here, which includes my requests as well.

I am open to offers, and will be at San Francisco, Orange County, Silicon Valley, and Central Valley Regionals!
Feel free to PM me!

I am from 2169 and will have 3 of our 10th year shirts, one of our polyester shirts from 2014 and I will have a couple of shirts from this year all in medium. I also have lanyards and a few drawstring bags that I am willing to trade.

I am looking for 1885, 1986, 2338, 2481, 3130, 3928, and 4143 merch but I’m open to anything. I’ll be competing at CIR, Seven Rivers, and Detroit Champs and will try to make a trek to Great Northern and the Minneapolis regionals. All of my shirts are in medium and I am looking for mediums.

I have 5940 shirts in any size. I can ship or trade in person at Sac (not trading at SF/SVR due to volunteering). PM me.