2018 Strategy Boards

Another kickoff, another day of strategies!

Pages 1 and 2 are the landscape orientation, pages 3 and 4 are the portrait orientation, page 5 is the combination orientation, and page 6 is the playbook.

Teams in competition may use the labeled pages to take note of match numbers and alliance member numbers (pages 2,3,5). Unlabeled pages (pages 1,4) and page 6 is intended for pre-competition use for planning outside of the competition. Pages 1 and 4 are intended to be printed large for classroom/team meeting use.

If there is anything that is a mistake, please let me know.

2018 Power Up Strategy Board.pdf (135 KB)

2018 Power Up Strategy Board.pdf (135 KB)

This is really useful. Thank you!

Thanks your mats are great every year!

hey what does FLB stand for?

Force, Levitate, Boost

Thank You.


I laminated a similar one of these (thanks team 20) last year and used a whiteboard marker on it through 4 events. Strategy sheets are a huge help for our pre-match planning and I will be using this all season.

Thanks so much!!

We have come to rely on 701’s strategy mats , knowing they will come every year with proper info on them – We always leave their logo on them to recognize their service and let others know of their resource. great for pre-match alliance alignment. This year maybe more than ever.


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We appreciate your gratitude! This year I left the boards unbranded mainly since I felt they weren’t necessary anymore. I assumed the consistency season after season lent to some recognizability, and the minimalistic theme seems to have become a sort of trademark that sets ours apart from others that I have seen in the past seasons and this one (shout out to 1678 for posting theirs too!).

We were also in a rebranding purgatory at the time of posting, but now we’ve got our rebranding settled. I do not, however, plan to brand future strategy boards in order to keep them appealing to all and to save anyone the trouble of removing our branding if they wish to not have it. The change from using the term “mat” to “board” was also a conscious decision to make the product more accessible in search, since “board” seems to be a more obvious/generic term for someone who wishes to use the search on this forum.

Here’s my team’s strategy board: Link

We based it off of a board made by team 701 from last year but used the map from this thread.

I know I’m reviving an old thread, but just curious and need help finding something. I’m looking into buying a Dry Erase Clipboard with one of these strategy maps on it. I just can’t find a website that allows me to easily design the clipboard. Anyone had any success with this?

That sounds too fancy for me. Just print it on regular paper, laminate it, and tape that laminated sheet onto your clip-board. Or tape it onto a piece of cardboard.

If you’re not sure about laminating - most schools have the machine - make friends with the secretary.

(…of course, as long as we’re speculating, you could also make your own. Something like lasercut the pattern onto a piece of acrylic and then bolt on your own clip if you still want to attach other papers…)

Tried this at our last regional, and I didn’t really like it as the paper would move around a lot. Plus, a laminated clip board looks cool :smiley:

I’ve been printing and laminating my strategy boards for the past few years. I know a few other teams have bought whiteboards and laser engraved the field graphics straight into the whiteboard. Might be a good solution if you or a sponsor has access to a lasercutter.

A friend of mine lasered one up and gave it to us at Arkansas. It’s awesome and it looks really professional.