2018 Team Update 03


They’ve removed (or perhaps never planned for) asymmetrical layouts. That’s good in my book.

The biggest change is that in the pre-match randomization they eliminated the asymettrical choices, so that the switches will be the same for both teams.

In Data speak only RRR, RLR, LRL, LLL are valid choices.

Thank You GDC for fixing the “unfair plate assignment” problem!

Kudos to the Candidly Speaking crew last night as I’m sure their commentary pushed the GDC into action!

Good Luck to everyone!

Now my team can’t write = 三千零三 (3003 in Chinese numerals) on our bumpers.

Thank you GDC for fixing the random selection .It would have be a fun but challenging to program for the assymetical generated selection

Nor can you use MMMIII (3003 in Roman numerals).

Can’t put BBB, either. (3003 in hexidecimal).

Big Baller Brand? Lavar Ball has permeated into our society so thoroughly that we’re talking about his company on Chief Delphi. We need to hurry up on this whole culture changing thing… :smiley:

But there’s nothing saying that we can’t use ٣٠٠٣ (3003 in the sort of Arabic numerals used in Arabic) because it technically is in Arabic numerals.

The Arabic numeral system as explained by Wikipedia

Technically, it doesn’t say that you have to write it in Base-10, you could do binary, ternary, or for some numbers, hexadecimal (If they don’t require letters).


I’ve tried gaming the whole bumper numeral rules thing… Big Al didn’t go for it.

I’m really disappointed that no teams used Roman numerals the game it would have been perfect for (Stronghold). I realized you could have with last year’s set of rules.

Fun fact: I knew that this was going to happen as soon as they specified arabic numerals. For the GDC’s refrence, here’s our rule on the FRC Discord (join us!):

In order for proper identification and for easier communication, please keep your team number in a readable way at all times. Systems other than base-10 (normal numbers) are not allowed, and numbers must be displayed in Western Arabic numerals.

POWER UP activated: “Linear Popping"

What will that sound like?

Pop Pop

That was quick! I’m glad the GDC fixed this one as it would have made for some lopsided games.

Okay that’s a fair answer. I meant to ask what kind of popping it would be like - fireworks, or popcorn, or even an 8-bit “popping” for thematic purposes.


I’m going to assume that’s the same sound effect as shown in the game animation, though I could be wrong.