2018 Unofficial Glossary

This thread is to share unofficial terms describing game-specific functions, activities, strategies, and robot styles for 2018 POWER UP↗. I’ll start by sharing the terms 3946 is using verbally and on our slack channel:

Switchbot: The Robonauts’ EVERYBOT is the archetype. A robot optimized to toss cubes into the switches and/or push them into the portal. Likely to be able to climb a ramp, but probably not likely climb the rung or provide a ramp.
**Scalebot: **The converse of switchbot. A robot optimized to place/launch cubes into the scales. Due to the high activities, less likely to be able to climb a ramp, but more likely to climb the rung and/or provide ramps.
Fezzik/Iron Cross: A robot which climbs the rung carrying an alliance partner (or two), or providing a secondary rung (or two) for an alliance partner to climb.
Mining: We have Revived this term from 2015 for picking up and utilizing the cubes in the POWERCUBE ZONE, where the cubes are stacked, but not those in the platform zones. “Strip” mining is knocking down the stacks, whereas “tunnel” mining is taking the stacked pieces at the altitudes where they reside.

Thanks to the similarity of the VAULT to a bookshelf, we have taken to calling powerup focused robots Librarians. It’s to the point where some people on our team get confused when the word vault is used.