2018 Ventura Regional

It’s that time of year again!
42 teams.
6 rookies.
4 countries.
3 days.
1 event!

For many, this is their first event of the season, but all are vying to win this event.
Shoutout to our new rookies 6934, 6967, 7323, 7324, 7326, and 7327!

Sounds great!

Ventura is a nice venue (loved competing there last year) This year , I’ll be there volunteering this week.

Potential Wildcards : 968,2486, 5515, 5818 (7 slots)

I Think you mean 5818.

3512 is very excited for Ventura this year! We’ve sort of adopted Ventura as our “Home Tournament” ever since the inaugural 2015 event, partly because it’s relatively close to us and partly because we’ve done pretty well there over the years.

I can’t believe I overlooked how many potential wildcards there are, especially on the robot performance side since we expect 968, 2486, and 5818 to be some of the best performing bots at Ventura! Man, this just going to make the elimination rounds that much more exciting as we could very well see both Winning and Finalist alliances all qualifing for champs!

Can’t wait to see how it all pans out, and of course what improvements/new solutions everyone has come up with. See you on Thursday!

3512 would like to thank our incredible alliance partners 5818 and 5515 for helping us win our 2nd Blue Banner in team history, and first one as an alliance captain.

We’d also like to give a shout out to the opposing alliance for the intense scale battle they gave, and to congratulate 5199 on thier wildcard; they are a great team with an efficient robot!

Finally, congratulations 2486 for thier Chairmans win, 4501 on thier Engineering Inspiration win, and the rookies 7327 on thier Rookie inspiration win! We’ll see you all at Houston!

Nick, you and all of 3512 were great to work with. Last year during the Ventura finals we fell, the same scenario would have been tragic, but your forks held strong and raised us to victory! Ty should be incredibly proud of 3512 and we are honored to have worked with him, and grateful for the support he gave us when we started 5818.

Andrew Duerner
Lead Mentor 5818