2018 WFFA Thread

Hello CD,

I haven’t seen a thread for the 2018 Woodie Flowers Finalist Award recipients yet, so I decided to make one. Congratulations and thank you to all winners for their service to their teams!

Mary Anderson, Team 5172 (Great Northern)
Andy Yantes, Team 3193 (Miami Valley)
Ezequiel “Zeck” Mross Ferreira, Team 1772 (Montreal)
Sylvester Rolack II, Team 4083 (Palmetto)
Michael Buell (Central New York)
Deborah Barone, Team 2848 (Dallas)
Muktar Ali, Team 1884 (Shenzhen)
Rudy Timmerman, Team 5006 (Arkansas Rock City)
Jesus Arias, Team 5627 (San Diego)
Brett Crews (Orlando)
Sherri Ohnsted, Team 4230 (Lake Superior)
Chad Jorgensen, Team 4859 (Northern Lights)

If I missed any winners or info about them, please put them in the thread!

Woodie Flowers Finalist Award* These amazing mentors have just gotten to the finals, not fully won it yet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Change the Arkansas winner to “Rudy” the typist stuttered when the name was entered.


Keith Schramm, Team 3230 (Utah)
Christine Sapio, Team 2486 (Arizona North)
Jaron McMurry, Team 4356 (St. Louis)
Jessie Hernandez, Team 4063 (Hub City)
Jim Nazworthy, Team 1730 (Heartland)

Do district semi-finalists count?

Feel free to put them here! The more, the merrier.

Peter Lowes, Team 1360 (Georgian District)

District Semi-Finalists consist of every one of the district’s nominees. If we include those, we would need to include every nominated mentor in the regional system as well?

By what Brian implied, at least in Ontario, one mentor at each event is recognized as a Woodie Flowers Semifinalist. Is this the case? I have no idea what districts do for this stuff, as you can tell by my location.

Yes but in districts for Woodie Flowers and Deans List, even by being chosen at an event, you are still a Semi Finalist, same title as not even being chosen. To be a Finalist you must be chosen at District Championships.

I feel being chosen at an event should be recognized, it should count for something to be chosen at an event, even if a district might be slightly smaller than a regional, being picked at district champs is much harder than being picked at a regional.

He’s agreed to be Ruddy now. :slight_smile:

Jim Nazworthy, Team 1730 (Heartland Regional)

Thanks for starting the thread Danny. I have had a busy two weeks.
Congratulations to all the new Regional Finalists. Please tell your students I am proud of them for their nomination. The Woodie Flowers Award is the most meaningful award for mentors because it comes from the students.

Here is the list of semi-finalists for the Mid-Atlantic District that were announced yesterday at the Westtown Qualifying Event:

272 Eileen Larkin
321 Michael Johnson
341 Kara Bakowski
365 Lucile Wilkens
433 Hannah Farrell
708 Eric Sigmont (possible misspelling, not shown on screen but announced)
1391 Steve Compton
1712 Paul Gehman
3974 Gary Bonner

To be accurate, even though these are all worthy and great mentors, they aren’t semi-finalists. They are a list of nominees. MAR does not choose semi-finalists for WFFA.

Updating for Week 3:

Burhan Sengul, Team 6415 (Istanbul)
Nilesh Shaw, Team 6024 (Southern Cross)
Julie Occleshaw, Team 6390 (Canadian Pacific)
Ricardo Iamamoto, Team 6404 (Rocket City)
Alex Davis, Team 980 (Los Angeles)
Jane Peterson, Team 2220 (Central Illinois)
Nancy Spatz, Team 1986 (Greater Kansas City)
Tracie Haine, Team 120 (Finger Lakes)
Deborah Saulsbery, Team 250 (New York Tech Valley)
Andrew Clark, Team 5985 (South Pacific)
Dariusz Gluchowski, Team 5883 (Shanghai)

Now for a long list of updates. Once again, congratulations to all winners.

Jessenia Ruiz (Lone Star Central)
Michael Baker, Team 1458 (San Francisco)
Bill Kendall, Team 2073 (Sacramento)
Terry Wells, Team 4999 (Orange County)
Dr. John H. Baldo, Team 159 (Colorado)
Keith Imada, Team 2443 (Hawaii)
Margaret Mills, Team 5837 (Iowa)
Robert Gianelloni, Team 3337 (Bayou)
Max Cuevas Elizalde, Team 4400 (Laguna)
Oscar Vasquez, Team 4501 (Las Vegas)
Thomas Pope, Team 3504 (Greater Pittsburgh)
Eric Manneschmidt, Team 3140 (Smoky Mountains)
Dan Matthews, Team 1714 (Wisconsin)
Pablo Herrera, Team 4091 (Hudson Valley)
Etty Itzhak, Team 2096 (Israel DCMP)
Robert Steinfeld, Team 6238 (Silicon Valley)
Bruce Wilton, Team 589 (Ventura)
Paul Lathrop (Chesapeake DCMP)
Dr. Carl Crane, Team 4118 (South Florida)
Cathy Olkin, Team 1619 (Idaho)
Sandy Olson, Team 2502 (Medtronic Foundation)
Scott Hill, Team 1625 (Minnesota North Star)
Orion DeYoe, Team 5413 (Buckeye)
Donald Malone, Team 3160 (Oklahoma)
Brian Selle, Team 3310 (El Paso)
Warren Kreway, Team 6979 (Canadian Rockies)
David Paulson, Team 599 (Aerospace Valley)
Kathleen Wilson, Team 3024 (Pacific Northwest DCMP)
Dee Wallace, Team 5070 (Lone Star South)
Travis Smith, Team 2723 (Alamo)
David Shike, Team 4655 (Seven Rivers)