2019 Bayou Regional

Anyone know why the webcast isn’t running?

Good luck everyone!

In match 14, Team 7331 (blue) de-scored two hatches and one cargo by slamming the opponent cargo ship aggressively. The Red alliance was only awarded 6 penalty points. :thinking:


Did you ever get a reply as to why they are not broadcasting. Ch 7 & 8 seem to go to Hudson Valley?

To my understanding they killed the WiFi network due to interference and there’s no way to stream

Thanks. Couldn’t make the trip and was hoping to watch my team, 3966. Now I am just living vicariously through slack on the team channel. Given the number of broadcasts at other fields, there should be a decent work around for field setups?

The official statement on this

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I understand that the bandwidth was essentially zero - the concession stand could not take credit/debit cards.

My issue with this is that bandwidth has been a problem at the Pontchartrain Center for the past few years and it hasn’t been fixed yet. Of course the venues internet issues isn’t something that’s in FIRST LA/MS’s hands, but the problem could be avoided by bringing some type of mobile hotspot capable of streaming video to twitch. You’d think that with almost 60 teams paying $5000 to attend this event, there wouldn’t be issues like this.

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@Landonh12 congrats on the win! Always great to see my alma mater do well.

Extraordinary congratulations are in order for 7661 on the Rookie All Star and highest rookie seed awards. They have been mentored by a fellow 4087 mentor @MisterTim who won Volunteer of the Year.

I too have been disappointed in the production quality of Bayou in the past several years. We deserve better. LA and MS FRC is on the rise and I think a partial reason for that going unnoticed is the lack of consistent streaming.

I don’t wish to elaborate on it but I was personally quite disappointed with some of the critical calls and no calls at this event. Bygones are bygones and we are focused on Houston at this point.

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Hello everyone!

On behalf of my team, FRC 3337, Panthrobotics, as well as myself as Emcee of the Bayou Regional, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who attended as well as congratulations to all of the teams who won awards and contributed to such an amazing event.

All of the event staff, as well as the volunteers, worked tirelessly and I had a blast being able to see everything from my perspective both on the field and watching from the sidelines. Yes, we had internet connectivity problems - which really hurt my instafacesnapping abilities - and I hope that we are able to work with our venue to see these resolved next year. I know that there will always be poor calls and missed calls, hiccups with field mechanics, and different issues that arise as we take on so many different moving parts but there were so many amazing things that happened that overshadowed any of this.

And even with this, one thing will remain. Apparently - I am now Colonel Sanders and Edward Snowden.

Thanks again, Bayou!

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Thanks @clydefrog88 for the complement.

Mentoring two FRC teams at one time is not for the feint of heart. I have a few more grey hairs (OK, a lot more). But, seeing the excitement of the kids makes it all worthwhile.

I just hope my two teams will have neighboring pits in Houston.


If no webcast got to have some team with scouting video at least right?

I had an awesome time as always! While I definitely prefer robot inspection to queuing, it gave me a chance to have at least some contact with every team at the competition,

I’m also happy to report that costuming is still a real thing at Bayou, much more than I experienced at Rock City. Somebody wore an inflatable astronaut costume at least 9 feet tall for the Second Line*, I saw plenty of things which were apparently flight suits or pressure suits, and of course those teams with standing costumes, most notably 4013 (Clockwork Mania), 3966 L&N STEMpunk, and 281 Green Villains! One of my favorite moments was when someone came up to the blue queuing entrance with a satiny green cape, and I asked “Drive Team?”. The answer was “281,” pulling the cape aside so I could see the button. I had to answer “OK, but I knew your team number the minute you left your pit.”. (281’s pit was on a corner, only obscured from blue queuing by 5071’s pit).

* Second Line - A New Orleans area traditional parade featuring jazz music and dancing, origonally (and still) conducted as a funeral procession, though the tradition has more recently been extended to just about any occasion for a dance/party; in today’s Louisiana, Friday or Saturday is a plenty good enough excuse for a second line.

In case the hints above weren’t clear: Find a way to brand your team so thoroughly that people who pay attention know who you are from across the venue. The teams I listed above have done this in an evergreen fashion - I will recognize them anywhere from over a hundred feet away, as will I recognize 2992, 3039, 3937, 3468, 4087, 2080, 364, 456, 590, 945, 1421, 1912, 1927, 3337, 3991, 4107, 4336, 5965, 6025, and (assuming they don’t change branding) 7094. My old team, 3946, I think was pretty recognizable, but they lost some of that this weekend with their constantly changing “uniform of the day”. On the other hand, they did an excellent job of branding the robot, “Mike Wazowski”.


Alright everyone, good news. One of the people working with the stream at the event (redfishrobotics - they told me this on the FUN Region Recap twitch chat) said that the FTA from Bayou has a drive with all match video and will be working to get those matches uploaded asap. They said that the drive was brought directly to FIRST HQ. So we will see within the week if they’re uploaded I believe. No promises though!

Yes, Michael and Michelle Clark were shooting video from several locations, including an overhead, several on the floor, and a handcam. Glad to hear it’s going to get posted!

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