2019 Beach Bot Battle--Offseason Event


Please consider attending the 2019 Beach Bot Battle, hosted by Team Fusion 364 in Gulfport MS.!


This is by far our favorite offseason event. Looking forward to it again!


Willing to help out however I can; just let me know.


That’s gotta be nice. First you meet them in a competitive attitude. Then you get to hang. ON THE BEACH.



The Beach Bot Battle registration is now live at https://www.fusion364events.com/

Just scroll down and select the register button for the Beach Bot Battle. Payment can be made via paypal or by mailed check. The fee is $250 if registered before June 1st and $350 thereafter.

As of right now we will not charge for a second robot, however depending on the number of teams that attend the second robot may not be allowed to participate in playoffs. If you want your second robot to be guaranteed playoff eligibility your team will need to pay a second registration.

Please email me (clinton.brawley@gulfportschools.org) if you are planning to bring a second robot for planning purposes.


Just out of curiosity, will there be an Alliance Selection this year or is it just going to be qualification rounds?


There will definitely be alliance selections and eliminations. We’ve never not had them.


Thanks for the response! I didn’t know because TBA only has the Quals rounds from last year listed.



The playoffs don’t show on TBA for last year because we ran a round robin (Einstein) type playoffs were each alliance played each other alliance and then the top two played in the finals. The teams loved it, but TBA would not accept it.


Ahh ok gotcha, thanks for clearing it up!


I can confirm. It was a five-alliance round-robin followed by a best of three final. IIRC the #1 alliance defeated #4 in the finals.