2019 Blue Ridge Brawl - October 5th, 2019 - Salem, Virginia

Registration is now open for the first annual Blue Ridge Brawl, which will take place on October 4th and 5th, 2019 at Salem High School in Salem, Virginia. This event is hosted by FRC teams 5724 and 5950.

The fee is $300 per robot. Please see https://www.shsrobotics.us/brb.html for more information.


Team 401 is excited for this event, we’ll see you there!


the STAGS will be there. Hope to see strong support from SW & Central Va teams


This event will be broadcasted at twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow and thebluealliance.com/watch/fun


Event is live! Check it out at twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow

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Thanks to all the teams who came out and made Blue Ridge Brawl an awesome event! We had a great time playing and talking with all the teams, we’re excited for this event next year!

Thanks to all of our alliance partners 6802, 1915, 5950, and 3939. It was great working with all of you and our team learned a ton.

Thanks to 5724 and all of the volunteers who helped make this event happen, and special thanks to @juchong for answering our IMU questions all throughout dinner!



This was honestly one of the most interesting event I’ve seen played in a while, it got real intense in the eliminations. It was really exciting. I’d definitely would attended next year if I get the time.

I would like to thank all the volunteers that I worked with at this event. Without you guys no event could functions, so you really are the difference.

I would like to thank 1262 and 1629 (double mecanum gang) for being a amazing alliance partners and we did a great job with what we had to complete against. Congrats to 6802, 1915, 401 for winning this event with your hard earned win.


No problem! I had a blast, too! I uploaded the pictures I took of the winning alliances here if anyone would like a copy.

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Sparky Team 384 had a great time, well worth the travel to get to Salem HS. We would like to thank Randy Brinkley and the Spartan parents/volunteers, you made us feel welcome in the South West part of the state. Thank you to all of the field personnel for keeping the event and the field going.

Congratulations to team 401, 6802 & 1915 for winning the event, we enjoyed playing against you guys in the finals. Sparky always enjoys running with STAGS (1262) and changing color with a GACO (1629), we appreciate that you joined our alliance for the run to the finals.

Team 384 looks forward to seeing all of the teams at the next 2 off season event IROC & Rumble! “GO SPARKY”