2019 CAD Field

So basically, I am trying to access the fields that FIRST has posted on its website at:
https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/playing-field to try and get field measurements and the like.

When I try to use the SOLIDWORKS’ eDrawings Measurement at https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/playing-field#CADModels it does not work, it says “files have been surpressed”, either 5 or 7 depending on which assembly I try to access.

I have the most updated version of Solidworks, everything on that end is good. What could be causing this problem?


EDIT: We have given up on using the FIRST provided fields, we re using a GrabCAD version and opening it in Fusion. Thanks everyone for your help!

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Try opening in SW first, then suppressing missing components (Rocket nosecones). Field asm # is FE-00042 or something similar. GE-19116 Red/Blue and GE-19117 Red/Blue were the issues for me. Otherwise, I have no idea what SW is doing, not that that’s rare.
Good luck…

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It seems that the suppressed parts were provided as part files, but the assembly is looking for them as assemblies. The best option is probably to make an identically-named assembly with each of the problematic parts in it. Haven’t tried this personally, but I think it should :crossed_fingers: work. Probably going to try tomorrow, although we’re having issues as we only have one laptop with SW 2018.

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does anyone know if there is a CREO version of the field

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Does anyone have a link to a STEP file of the field? I’m running 2015 solidworks at home and can’t open these newer files. I tried this file but I keep getting errors when I try and open it.

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I’m trying to import files into Inventor, starting small with GE-19070 Cargo Ship Full Assembly. The translation report is saying it can’t find the files:
D:\SOLIDWORKS PDM\2019 Game Specific\Mechanical\GE-19079-Left-Blue.SLDASM
… Left-Red
… Right-Blue
… Right-Red
D:\SOLIDWORKS PDM\2019 Game Specific\Mechanical\GE-19080-Left-Blue.SLDASM, Left/Right Blue/Red
D:\SOLIDWORKS PDM\2019 Game Specific\Mechanical\GE-19082-Blue.SLDASM and Red

Looks like somehow they’re pointing to a hard-coded D:\ drive. Also, the SLDASM files aren’t there, but the SLDPRT ones are as GE-19079 and GE-19080 with appropriate vinyl coverings. I’m guessing the assembly is the lexan + vinyl.

I’ll add those in manually, hoping the position is easy to sort out.

I suspect there are a few little details that need to be ironed out with the CAD files.


I tried the same with Solidworks, but it did not work either. Try Fusion360.

The problems were with the files GE-19079, GE-19080, and GE-19082. For Inventor I had to import each individually and re-create the assemblies (plastic part and vinyl graphic using the decal function) then place them into the Cargo Ship assembly.


Also the part GE-19076 had issues. Importing the material from another part helped with the colour. Now to do the blue side…

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Same problem here. We get errors opening the STEP file on GrabCAD and the SolidWorks file on the FIRST site.

It’s frustrating because FIRST posted the KoP CAD files in a universal format (STEP) but their playing field CAD files will only open in the latest version of SolidWorks.

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I’ve started another thread including a simplified STEP file with all the important parts (including those that were throwing errors). Grand total only 1.4Mb.

I really appreciate all the work FIRST puts into the details (I like to do the same), but not everyone has a workstation.


Your simple model helped a lot. Thanks!