2019 CAN PCB Giveaway by 5338

RoboLoCo (Team 5338) is again giving away 30 CAN Hub PCB kits, see our previous post here. The kits include all parts needed to make the most common configuration of the hub. All that is needed is to solder the provided screw terminals to the PCB.

Overview Of The Board

The CAN PCB allows for the creation of a star topology for the CAN bus. The board features screw terminals for connecting Talons, the PDP, RoboRio, and other CAN based devices. There’s also spots for optional termination resistors and jumpers allowing solderless enable/disable of the termination resistors should you be using devices without a built-in termination resistor. The plans on github include Eagle board and schematic files along with STLs. We have been happy with the performance from before.

Changes From 2018

  • Black with white silkscreen and ENIG

  • Removed holes for wire management

  • Remade during 2019 season to make 2019 legal

  • Better silkscreen markings

The PCBs themselves

Board Design & Custom Holder from last year


CAN PCB Webpage

CAN Information

Optional Parts, as explained in the repo README


The CAN PCB was initially created by Arvind Srinivasan (@Arvind_S) during the 2018 season. The intent was to both simplify wiring and improve CAN resilience. The first public release was posted to Chief Delphi in March 2018.

To request a board…

  1. Check out https://www.roboloco.org/canpcb and https://github.com/RoboLoCo-5338/CAN-PCBs for more details
  2. Fill out https://goo.gl/forms/KW0pqrKZkG5ty4Bf1
  3. Wait a bit
  4. Check mail
  5. Do a little dance!

Feel free to ask us any questions or contact us at contact@roboloco.org


The boards are first-come, first-serve. However we’ll prioritize shipping based on the priority response in the form.

I’m Arvind who designed the original by the way, so technical questions about it are totally welcome!


Would we have to solder on our own 120 ohm resistors?

@GoalkeeperBoss Nope - The resistors are not normally used. We usually use the terminator resistors in the Roborio and PDP. They’re included on the PCB for edge case users.

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When can we expect these to start arriving

I shipped them out this morning. If you would like I can PM you the tracking number.

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