2019 Central Illinois Regional (CIR)

As we begin to approach week 4, it’s almost time for the 2019 Central Illinois Regional! This year, CIR will host 40 teams:

|81|MetalHeads|Freeport, Illinois|
|323|Lights Out|Mountain Home, Arkansas|
|1094|Channel Cats|O Fallon, Missouri|
|1288|RAVEN Robotics|Saint Charles, Missouri|
|1329|ROBOREBELS|St. Louis, Missouri|
|1736|Robot Casserole|Peoria, Illinois|
|1756|Argos|Peoria, Illinois|
|1781|Lindblom Electric Eagles|Chicago, Illinois|
|2013|Cybergnomes|Clearview Twp., Ontario, Canada|
|2022|Titan Robotics|Aurora, Illinois|
|2039|Rockford Robotics|Machesney Park, Illinois|
|2040|DERT - Dunlap Eagles Robotics Team|Dunlap, Illinois|
|2081|Icarus|Peoria, Illinois|
|2358|Bearbotics|Lake Zurich, Illinois|
|2481|Roboteers|Tremont, Illinois|
|2704|Roaring Robotics|Batavia, Illinois|
|2709|Iron Wolves|Chicago, Illinois|
|3695|Foximus Prime|Yorkville, Illinois|
|4096|Ctrl-Z|Champaign, Illinois|
|4143|MARS/ WARS|Metamora, Illinois|
|4156|Ninjaneers|Springfield, Illinois|
|4212|Techno Ferrets|Galesburg, Illinois|
|4213|MetalCow Robotics|Bloomington, Illinois|
|4241|Joliet Cyborgs|Joliet, Illinois|
|4256|Cyborg Cats|Chesterfield, Missouri|
|4314|SUL Abe-Ro-Bots|Springfield , Illinois|
|4645|The Chicago Style BotDogs|Chicago, Illinois|
|4646|Team ASAP|Des Moines, Iowa|
|4655|Stateline Robotics|Rockton, Illinois|
|5126|Electromagnetic Panthers (E.M.P.)|Riverside, Missouri|
|5442|Mechanical Monarchy|Washington, Illinois|
|5690|SubZero Robotics|Esko, Minnesota|
|5822|WolfByte|Chicago, Illinois|
|5847|Ironclad|Bradley, Illinois|
|6055|BOSS|Batesville, Arkansas|
|6237|Martin Motion|Neponset, Illinois|
|6651|Golden Bots|Sterling, Illinois|
|7417|Bionic Bombers|Williamsfield, Illinois|
|7465|MAGNETECH|Atakum, Samsun, Turkey|
|7848|WI-FIghterz|Pontiac, Illinois|

Of the 40 teams attending, 5 states will be represented:
-In addition, we welcome international teams 2013 from Ontario, Canada as well as 7465 from Samsun, Turkey!

So far, three teams have qualified for the 2019 World Championship:
-5126 (Heartland - Winner)
-5690 (Lake Superior - Winner)
-5847 (Midwest - Wildcard)

We also welcome rookie team 7848 to their FIRST ever competition!

Central Illinois looks like it’ll be a great time, as always! If anybody has any questions about the Peoria area or the competition, I’m sure myself as well as the many CIR veterans would be happy to help you out. Feel free to use this thread to ask questions, post predictions, make friends, etc. See you all next week!


CIR is always my favorite event of the year and I’m excited that it is just around the corner!

Here are some quick stats for this event:

25/40 Teams have competed already this season:
323 Lights Out (Arkansas Rock City Regional, Seeded 2/58, Captain of Alliance 2, Eliminated in Semifinals, won Industrial Design Award)
1288 RAVEN Robotics (St. Louis Regional, Seeded 23/48)
1329 ROBOREBELS (St. Louis Regional, Seeded 37/48, 1st pick of Alliance 6, Eliminated in Quarterfinals)
1736 Robot Casserole (Midwest Regional, Seeded 13/53, 1st pick of Alliance 7, Eliminated in Quarterfinals, won Imagery Award and Woodie Flowers)
1781 Lindblom Electric Eagles (Midwest Regional, Seeded 26/53, 1st pick of Alliance 8, Eliminated in Quarterfinals, won Dean’s List Finalist)
2013 Cybergnomes (Georgian College District, Seeded 18/26, 1st pick of Alliance 8, Eliminated in Quarterfinals, won Judges Award)
2022 Titan Robotics (Midwest Regional, Seeded 41/53, 2nd pick of Alliance 7, Eliminated in Quarterfinals)
2039 Rockford Robotics (Midwest Regional, Seeded 36/53)
2358 Bearbotics (Midwest Regional, Seeded 31/53)
2709 Iron Wolves (Midwest Regional, Seeded 46/53)
3695 Foximus Prime (Midwest Regional, Seeded 1/53, Captain of Alliance 1, Eliminated in Semifinals)
4096 Ctrl-Z (Midwest Regional, Seeded 11/53, 1st pick of Alliance 5, Eliminated in Quarterfinals, won Innovation in Controls Award)
4143 MARS/WARS (St. Louis Regional, Seeded 7/48, 1st pick of Alliance 4, Eliminated in Semifinals)
4156 Ninjaneers (Midwest Regional, Seeded 7/53, Captain of Alliance 5, Eliminated in Quarterfinals)
4213 MetalCow Robotics (St. Louis Regional, Seeded 10/48, 1st pick of Alliance 2, Eliminated in Semifinals, won Regional Engineering Inspiration Award)
4241 Joliet Cyborgs (Midwest Regional, Seeded 53/53)
4256 Cyborg Cats (St. Louis Regional, Seeded 4/48, Captain of Alliance 4, Eliminated in Semifinals, won Autonomous Award)
4645 The Chicago Style BotDogs (Midwest Regional, Seeded 38/53)
4646 Team ASAP (Great Northern Regional, Seeded 49/52)
5126 Electromagnetic Panthers (Heartland Regional, Seeded 26/36, 2nd pick of Alliance 4, Regional Winners)
5690 SubZero Robotics (Lake Superior Regional, Seeded 46/63, 2nd pick of Alliance 2, Regional Winners)
5822 WolfByte (Midwest Regional, Seeded 16/53, 2nd pick of Alliance 8, Eliminated in Quarterfinals)
5847 Ironclad (Midwest Regional, Seeded 6/53, 1st pick of Alliance 3, Regional Finalist, awarded a Wildcard)
6055 BOSS (Arkansas Rock City Regional, Seeded 12/58, 2nd pick of Alliance 6, Eliminated in Quarterfinals)
6651 Golden Bots (Midwest Regional, Seeded 15/53, Backup of Alliance 6, Eliminated in Quarterfinals)

What other regionals teams are going to after the Central Illinois Regional (10/40 teams):
Seven Rivers Regional - 4 Teams (2081, 2481, 4655, 5442)
Wisconsin Regional - 3 Teams (2040, 2704, 7417)
Central Missouri Regional - 2 Teams (1094, 1757)
Idaho Regional - 1 Team (6237)

Listing of potential Wildcard spots in addition to the automatic Wildcard generated at each Regional:
-4213 (St. Louis - Regional Engineering Inspiration)
-5126 (Heartland - Winner)
-5690 (Lake Superior - Winner)
-5847 (Midwest - Wildcard)

Ah yes, I seemed to have skimmed over 4213 getting Engineering Inspiration! Congratulations to them, and I’m happy they’ve earned a well deserved ticket to ride for champs.

Central Illinois is always a great event! I’m a bit sad to see, though, that team 2200 Blue Twilight won’t be making it this year. They’ve always been a perennial contender and haven’t missed Central Illinois since the first year in the snow globe!

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We’re sad we won’t be making it down too! It’s been a ton of fun playing with you all over the last few years and I hope we’ll make it back to Peoria in 2020!

Unfortunately this season the schedule just didn’t work out with making the trip out to San Jose in a couple weeks.

CIR once again was an amazing event. Special thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who made it a great experience.

After battling through the qualifications rounds, we ended up seeding first and had a tough choice as who to pick first with a long list of fast cyclers and HAB climbers. Ultimately, we selected 2481 (Roboteers) for the second year in a row. We were thrilled to snag 1781 (Lindblom Electric Eagles) to round out our alliance. Both teams added great flexibility to our alliance and were amazing to work with in our journey to the regional win.

Huge tip of the cap to the finalist alliance of 4143 (MARS/WARS), 4256 (Cyborg Cats), and 5442 (Mechanical Monarchy). MARS/WARS and Cyborg Cats flew around the field all weekend long (look out for them if they are on your division at champs). Good luck to Mechanical Monarchy up at Seven Rivers in a couple of weeks.

Special thanks to 4646 (ASAP) for coming up big with a PoE injector and ethernet bridge to help us stay connected and get our cameras to work.

Finally, congratulations to our friends at 5847 (Ironclad) for their Chairman’s award win and 4096 (Ctrl-Z) for taking home Engineering Inspiration.