2019 Chairman's Exchange @ Sacramento

Howzit Teams!!!

Team 3880, the Tiki Techs have partnered with Team 2486, The CocoNuts to host the Chairman’s Exchange (ChEx) at the 2019 Sacramento Regional!

Several years ago, The Chairman’s Exchange (ChEx) was created by The CocoNuts to give teams who are applying for the Chairman’s Award the opportunity to share ideas, practice their presentations and give Q & A sessions with other teams.

The Exchange will be happening on Thursday 3/21 from Noon to 4 pm.
There will be signs posted with directions to the location provided to us by the regional director. Shout out to Janet McKinley for working with us to provide space and time!

You may also visit our pit for directions to the exchange or to just “talk story”

If you can please post here or send me a message if your team plans to attend.
This is not required but will help us verify we have adequate space available.


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