2019 Colorado Chairman's Bootcamp


We are Team 1619, Up-A-Creek Robotics, from Longmont, Colorado. This summer, we are partnering with Team 6800, ViperBots Valor, from Austin, Texas to host a “Chairman’s Bootcamp”.

At the Chairman’s Bootcamp, teams will learn how to construct the Chairman’s essay and executive summary, give a Chairman’s presentation, and create a Chairman’s video. The camp will be led by Team 27 RUSH, FIRST Hall of Fame mentor Steve Hyer.

Even if your team has never participated in the Chairman’s Award or if you are quite familiar and have won before, we highly suggest you attend! Our goal is to improve and encourage all FRC teams in Chairman’s, and this is a great step in doing so. Team 6800 has had great success with the camp in the past and we are excited to bring it to Colorado! All teams are welcome to attend!

For more information and the sign-up, see our bootcamp flyer. If you have any questions, please reply to this thread.

Thank you!

Chelsea B.
Student Dir. of Operations
Up-A-Creek Robotics

Hmm, pity it’s not a few weeks later. I don’t get to see Steve very often and it might be a decent opportunity to meet some robot people in a new area.

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We affectionately call him “Savage Steve” on 4607. Steve has mentored 4607 on our Chairmans submission, and has been a huge part of why we’ve won 4 in a row. I seriously can’t reccomend learning from Steve enough. If you have the opportunity to attend this even you definitely should.


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