2019 Concept system

Definitely far from being done but I thought it would be fun and worth it to show everybody here the concept I created a couple weeks ago for the 2019 Competition…


why the rollers above and below the hatch claw mechanism?
and why are they concave?

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Concave is likely for centering. Above and below is probably so it can intake from both sides of the robot.

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Concavity will do the opposite, yes?


Depends. These balls do weird things. With a shallow taper we’ve observed it centering on the high point of the roller.(what you are saying) With a more aggressive(and slippery) taper the ball centers on the low part of the roller. It’s possible that the ball will squish through towards the center because of the shape of the roller.

We personally found the best results in our testing by just forcing the balls to the center with some static supports on our intake.

I think the intent of the concavity in the CAD is to center the ball, whether that happens in reality is a whole different bag of tricks.

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You are 100% correct on everything you answered them, @Nessie … I personally couldn’t test the concavity on real life, but I am pretty sure that it could work depending on the material of the rollers (my first try would be some plastic), and even if wouldn’t work for any other reason, it could be a switchable…

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