2019 Detriot Pre-Scouting

Hello all! Team 5943 here!

Because of our small scouting team size (about 3-4 kids), we want to make sure we are able to scout as many teams as possible. We think this may be difficult to do due to our size, so we would greatly appreciate if you filled out this form. If anyone is interested, i can share the data i collect publicly.

Thank you! Your response will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:
Feel free to PM me with any questions

You may be interested in this.

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Yes, i saw that, and contributed to it. I just wanted to use my own thing, as as that form didnt have everything i was interested in knowing. Thank you though :slight_smile:

I’ve decided to make my collected data public!

Here is the link to the spreadsheet. It is currently read-only. Please let me know if any of your teams data is wrong, or needs to be fixed. I did add two new fields after i had gotten a couple submitions, so that data is missing for a couple teams (237, 461, 509, 1506, 1922, 2791, 5618, 5811, and 6574). If you are on one of these teams and want that data to be updated, please let me know.

Want to link this to your own scouting data base? In google sheets (or excel i think), use the below formula to pull the data in:
=IMPORTRANGE("https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r2YNElgLNcfeSnYIk14M7jmpOMVUG9Nl8vZp2uLl0RE/edit?usp=sharing","[Division you want]!A1:AF410")

TIP: If you want to collect the data from the “Pre-Scouting Form” tab, you have to put single quote marks around the sheet name.

Thank you, i hope this is useful :slight_smile: Feel free to PM me with any questions/comments/concerns.

Please check to see if your team has already submitted a response before submitting one

Hey @Kaitlynmm569 since you’ve got Curie in there, team 6032 here

Our robot;
Weighs:115 lbs with bumpers and battery

Can: perform cargo ship hatch/cargo and low rocket. Jump off level 2 (we don’t know about jumping onto) No climbing mechanism, designed stronger than the everybot

Strategy: jump off level 2, place hatch in sandstorm, grab as much as we can and place it in the cargo ship we average one complete side or more of the cargo ship.

Drivetrain: Standard am14U4, CIM motors, toughbox mini, drop center 6, HiGrip standard kit wheels

Driver/operator performance: Driver has 3 years experience, Operator 2, Backup operator 1 (this year) awesome performance

Defense: yes, not preferred

Climbing: we can fly off not on level 2, we do not have any climbing mechanism

Team: 6032 Pirate Robotics, finalists past four years, winner last year, 8 regionals, 3 championships total, no offseason events.

Championship qualifications: Rookie All Star 2016, Winner2018, Wildcard2019

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HOLD UP we in Archimedes not Curie


Maybe you’ll get punted to THE CAULDRON OF DOOM, aka Curie, and if so probably for this mis-post :grin:

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Lol yeah :joy:

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