2019 Detroit Championship Pre-Scouting

I’ve created a set of google forms and a spreadsheet as a sort of pre-scout for the Detroit championship. Please only fill out the form for your team, and fill out as much as you can. Be sure to check the spreadsheet to see if your team has already been filled out, and double check your team’s info if it has. Only edit your own team’s information, please. The spreadsheet will be sorted by team number periodically.

Google Forms



Does weight include bumpers and battery?

Weight is without bumper and battery

Why are tank treads not an option?


The “drive wheels” field is now a text input box. Sorry about that!

By match video 1 does it mean your first match of the season? Or is it just a random match video… Just wanted to clarify thanks.

Just a random match video, pick one that really shows what your bot is capable of

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