2019 Detroit Darwin Match Scouting

Hello Darwin!

Due to my very small team of scouters (only about 3 people, one of which is also drive team), our team is unable to match scout. I was wondering if there were any teams out there in the Darwin division who would be match scouting, who would be willing to share the data they collect. I’m not looking for a scouting alliance, just someone to help another out. Though If you do help, I’m sure my team will do what we can to try to return the favor.

Thank you!


Hello! I’m the lead scout for our team and would be happy to talk with you guys about helping out. DM me to talk further about it.
Good Luck!

We scout on tablets and port it out into excel. I’d be more than happy to share our scouting data with you guys so you can feel free to reach out to us as well if you’d like.

Touch base with the Bomb Squad, Team 16. They will be scouting Darwin with our system FIRES. I’m sure they will help.

Mr. Mike

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