2019 Detroit Pit Map Lookup (by team number or match number)

I remade my interactive pit map for houston in Google Sheets for Detroit.

You can enter in team numbers to highlight them in yellow, or select a division and enter a match number to highlight teams in their respective alliance colors.

It’s currently running on Houston’s schedules, I’ll get that updated as the CSVs for Detroit’s preliminary matches get posted.

Check it out here


Let me know if the map is off at all, or you have any feature requests!

How to get your own copy working:

  1. Open this link
  2. Click File -> Make A Copy -> OK
  3. You can now edit the copy that you made, you should be able to find it in your Google Drive.

Good luck to everyone in Detroit!


Thank you for this!

No problem! Preliminary schedules should be loaded in :slight_smile:

yay we’re next to 2056! Now we can beg them to pick us the entire time


Very nice and useful!

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This is an incredible resource! Thank you for making it available so quickly. Already sharing it with my team and it’s the best Easter present!

No problem! I’m just glad that people will be using it :grin:

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Thanks for creating this map!

Wow, Detroit is a lot more organized than Houston :stuck_out_tongue:

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Except you’re in Curie… Good luck (their first pick will most likely either be 1114 or 1241)!

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This is awesome man! Thanks for making it colorblind friendly!

Could someone let me know if prelim match schedules change?

This is excellent, really appreciate you putting this together.

Love it! Thank you for putting this together. My team and I really appreciate it!

No problem :slight_smile:

It looks like all the prelim schedules made it through except for Curie, which has been updated to the schedule on The Blue Alliance. This means that if you’re from Curie and you’ll already made a copy, you’ll need to make a new copy in order to have the match schedule update.

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