2019 Detroit Shirts

As the weeks are winding down until Detriot Champs last minute shirt trades are occurung. If anyone has any last mi trades they want to make with anyone going to Detriot or myself this is the channel to post in. I’m Ethan from 2877, and I’m have team shirts in almost any size to trade with.

So,would you trade for my last FLL Ohio shirt?

If anyone has a small team 987 or 33 shirt that they would be willing to trade for a team 11 shirt, that would be great!

There’s a season long shirt trading thread here, in case anyone hadn’t seen it. There’s a lot of people proposing trades there at Detroit CMP (including mine).

I have 2702 shirts and some other event shirts if people are interested, mostly Xl but my team is ordering worlds shirts that i could get a hold of

I have a large 250 shirt to trade

Dm me with offers

I have several XL FRC Team 1501 t-shirts to trade.
I also have several shirts that I have duplicates of.
They are:
4237 3XL
1018 XL
71 XL
1511 XL
3947 XL
829 XL

I will trade for any good looking (designs and graphics) from any team.

If anyone has a spicy rare Houston shirt from
M 1678
M 1619
M 971
M 118
Or any other team, I’ll reward them with a M 217 shirt or even a M 2851 shirt if you like sleeping giants lol.
PM me

Have a bunch of 5943 Jerseys! DM me with offers or for pictures of the jersey!

trading M stryke force sweatshirt. Preferred totrade it for L t-shirt

Hi there! I have:
-1x 271 shirt (2017) S
-1x 533 shirt L
-1x 148 shirt (I can provide evidence lol) S

that I’m willing to trade!! Lmk if you’re interested and wanna make a trade at champs :slight_smile: I’m mostly looking to trade for hoodies !

I will be coming to Detroit champs with these shirts. I don’t have a preference for any specific teams.
Everything is medium, and I prefer mediums/larges in trade

Team Number Description
195 2019
340 Orange shirt with black letering
340 Black shirt with corner 340 logo
610 White with Green letering, trading shirt
694 2018 shirt
1619 2018 shirt
2791 2018 Limited Detroit World Champs Shirt
2791 2018 Shirt
2791 Multiple 2019 shirts
5406 Team shirt
7719 Synthetic Indonesian Team

#27 World Champs Shirt Features the Detroit Champs winning alliance
New York Invasion Shirt A colab shirt featuring 20, 340, 694, 2791, and 5254 made for IRI- Blue
New York Invasion Shirt A colab shirt featuring 20, 340, 694, 2791, and 5254 made for IRI- Green
2016 IRI Shirt
2017 IRI Shirt
2791 Hoodie Limited edition 2018 hoodie with detroit championships logo
694 jacket Zip-up jacket with hoodie
694 cap

I will be in Detroit with a bag of stuff. It will either be L or XL in size (including the stuff I should be trading).

I currently have (in my possession):
1x 111 2016 team t-shirt
some 4946 team t-shirts
1x or 2x 2019 Canada volunteer t-shirts

I should be receiving if all goes according to the plan (successful trades):
1x 2791 team t-shirt
1x 2877 team t-shirt
1x 5406 team t-shirt

Please feel free to PM me. The link to my Spreadsheet that I have made is here.

I have:
2x 1511 2017 (L)
1x 1511 2016 (XL)
2x 1511 2018 (XL)
2x 1511 2018 (L)

Open for any offers but would love a 610 or a 1678 shirt.

Feel free to PM me.

I will be at Detroit with a bunch of shirts.

I currently have:
Large 2018 Team 16 Shirt
Large 5406 Shirt
Large 2018 Team 111 shirt
Medium 1619 shirt
Large 2018 team 2708 shirt
Large 254 shirt
Large 10th anniversary 1511 shirt
2 Large 2019 team 1511 shirts
2 Large 2018 team 1511 shirts
Large 2017 team 1511 shirt

I am open to any offers but am looking for shirts from:


PM me with offers

OFFERING: Jerseys from MOE 365- I have blank 2018 Jerseys size small or medium 2017 Jerseys if you don’t mind there being a name on it.

(Second and third pictures in this link, they look much brighter irl) http://moe365.org/shirts.php

INTERESTED IN: Any size shirts from 16, 51, 111, 225, 1114, 1574, and 1640 (vest or hat). Will also take other offers if anyone’s interested in trading.

I will be at Detroit Friday and Saturday.
I will be wearing purple camo and carrying a Nikon camera. Want to trade, look me up.

Hey all!

My sister (grade 8, age 13) is looking to trade t-shirts. This is her first time doing so. She has 2 size L 4946 (The Alpha Dogs) team t-shirts to offer. She doesn’t really care about team rarity, only team design and if she likes them (any offer is accepted!). If you could help me out with this and setting something up with/for her, that’d be great! She takes either a size M or L. If y’all could PM me with t-shirt photos/design to help her pick the shirts she would like, that’d be great!

Thanks so much!

Hello everyone!

I will be at Detroit Champs on Thursday and Friday with team 496 shirts to trade, sizes L-XXL in various designs. I’m not looking for any specific team in return, but I would prefer if I could receive a XXL or XL shirt in return. Send me a message if you are interested!

I expect this to get buried/ignored, but it never hurts to try —
I’ll be at Detroit champs this year, and I’m trying to put together shirts for our 2018 IRI alliance (2056 / 195 / 2168 / 340). I was close to getting a 2168 shirt at the event, but nothing ever came of it. If you’d like to trade a 340 shirt for any of those, please either reply or DM me!
I should also mention that I’m not locking myself down to just those teams, so feel free to message me if you have another offer. Additionally, I’ll also be at IRI, so I can trade there as well.

I’m holding onto 7 mediums and 1 small from this season, as well as a small from last season. I packed the 2019 small and 4 mediums

EDIT: one M and one S taken; down to 6M