2019 Diversity scores and current county ranking

Diversity 2019 OCCRA Scores.pdf (36.0 KB)
2019 OCCRA County Ranking after Comp3.pdf (38.3 KB)


I thought the rules where the overall 12 top scores from all matches excluding mentor and surrogate matches. So this would be 14 total scores and the top 12 sum of these. As posted in section 3.5 of rankings. Was this ranking taken into consideration when tallying the County Ranking after Comp3.pdf?


I didn’t get a chance to finish the analysis with what we have recorded, but according to what @Nick_Coussens stated in the other thread:

All of the scores from the diversity competition, excluding the mentor match, can count towards a team’s overall top 12 scores for the season standings.

Given this, the scores do seem incorrect. Teams like 469 who have higher scores from the Diversity Tournament should replace some of the 0’s that they got by not attending the first event.

It has always been the top 4 scores from the Diversity tournament go on the the county ranking. When we moving into alliance selections, teams will have 16 matches but only 12 will count towards their ranking. We have 4 more matches tomorrow and then they will play 2 more matches before going into alliance selections at the County Championship.

To quote both the 2019 and 2018 OCCRA Rule Books Section 3.5 Rankings (could not find older copies of the rules):

Match Points will be entered to create a complete set of scores for twelve (12) Qualification Matches. All Qualification Matches played are eligible towards a Team Match Point Average, including those plated at the county championship, but excluding any surrogate Matches they played at an individual event.

Team 51 has been complaining about this in the OCCRA end of year feedback for years as we believe the rules have not been applied properly and is what inspired us to collect our own scores and rankings this year.



2019 OCCRA Season Scores and Rankings

Here is the corrected and up-to-date 2019 season scores and rankings. This is following how the manual outlines scores and rankings are calculated.

I am working on getting Win/Loss results so that can be added to the spreadsheet in case of a tie-breaker being needed at the County Championship (currently 5053 and 7178 are tied for 10th place with 199pts).


Thanks like @Sam_Slade stated above I also have noticed and mentioned errors in the past seasons to no active correction. Thanks @Nick_Coussens for the response.

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