2019 Double DECCer

We’re less than 10 days from the Double DECCer, the largest non-championship FRC event under one roof in the world. 123 teams, including 6819, the Vikings from Sweden and 3008, Team Magma from Hawaii.

Bring warm clothes and good boots. Remember a few years ago when there was more snow around the venue than you thought possible? As of today, it’s officially the snowiest February on record. We also have gone 48 consecutive days without the temperature getting above freezing and it’s likely to extend at least through next week.

But hey, the theme is deep space, so colder than Mars just helps to set the mood right?

Handy Links:
Lake Superior Regional
Northern Lights Regional
Minnesota FIRST event web site
DECC event web site

Personally I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone. Anyone else excited about this?


No offense, but how is it bigger then MSC? (160 teams in 4 divisions under 1 roof at Saginaw Valley State)


No offense, but I didn’t say it was.

Checks out.


Remember a few years ago when we all drove home in a blizzard Saturday? Current long-range forecast shows snow starting practice day and going (on and off) through the weekend into the next week. I can tell you from week-0 events - loading in/out with a couple of inches of packed snow on the ground sucks. Wheels on your pit equipment just dig in and get stuck constantly!

Oh no…

Sounds like a fun time to have our hotel be up the hill from the venue…

Lake Superior and Northern Lights are shaping up to be two great events! I’m a little bummed that we won’t be able to have our team HQ at Vitta Pizza this year, but I’m excited to watch the livestream from the Cities.

Looking forward to making our 1st trip up to Duluth since 2014. Even with the snow and the cold Duluth is a beautiful city and the DECC is a great venue to hold FIRST events.


It really is a fantastic venue! Definitely a favorite of volunteers and teams alike.

I don’t think I could possibly forget sliding down Lake Avenue towards 35W and ending up in the wrong lane of traffic. Luckily even the Duluth natives were staying off the roads, so I was the only one privy to that.

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My bad, I read it as non-world championship. I guess it is fair that all district championships were included in how it was worded.

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MSC is deeper than Half Champs with a ton of top end talent so I think it’s fair to count it :slight_smile:

Double DECC’er is so fun!!! It’s loaded with talent!! I’m ready for the Snow!!! Will be fun to come on over and see the action of Deep Space!!

Speaking of Deep Space - have you seen how deep the competition is on the Northern Lights side? We are excited for this regional - wish 5172 was with us!

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Omg, YES!! One tough Regional!! It will be crazy!!!

This is our scouting practice event. We get a lot of weird looks for scouting in playoffs

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Why wouldn’t you scout in playoffs? It’s a different kind of scouting, but if you can turn the data around quickly you have actionable intelligence about how your opponent is playing.

I hope all teams are practicing their scouting this weekend. I’d suggest Orange County since it’s going to start and end the latest each day.


They aren’t competing…

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Load-in for the Double DECCer is in just 2 days and there’s been almost no discussion about it! I know I’m very excited to compete at Northern Lights again for the first time in a few years. It seems like a strong lineup of teams, and from my pre-scouting it looks like a lot of potential HAB 3 climbers. That will make things interesting when it comes time for the playoffs… based on how week 1 played out I’m sure we’ll see some crazy defense and close matches in the playoffs which is always exciting.

Cant wait to see old friends and make some new ones!

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5638 is definitely ready to send it! The wait is almost over!

I cannot wait to see what 5638 has in store this year! Your team has been building great robots for some time. It would be nice to compete with you guys at the same regional for once!