2019 Driver Station freezes randomly, doesn't work again until reboot

I have Windows 10 installed on a Bootcamp partition on my Mac. I have the entire NI Control Suite installed on it, and I used to be able to run everything normally.

However, ever since I installed the 2019.1 Update Suite and we updated our RIO and bridge with the new firmware, my driver station has been acting weirdly. When I first boot into the partition, the driver station opens and connects normally. But it will randomly, a couple minutes later, freeze. Just closing and opening the DS app causes it to get stuck in the bottom right corner and goes to Not Responding when I click or drag the window. It then doesn’t work until I reboot into Windows.

It works on all other laptops we’ve tested. Anyone have an idea as to what’s wrong?

So I tried some debugging for myself through looking through Windows Event Logs. I seemed to find a lot of niZeroConfService errors, followed by the DS app stalling. The thing is, I don’t really know how to address that. I tried reinstalling Boot Camp Drivers for Windows, which causes it to work for a solid five minutes, but then went back to the same behavior.

Any ideas?

You may get a better response on the NI forums.