2019 Field CAD

Yes, 7-Zip worked. Then there’s a bit of work to import and re-create the “missing” files.

Considering many of the missing files are more of the aesthetic stuff on the Cargo Ship/Rocket, i gave up past fixing the platforms.

I really hope STEP files get released, making playing with this in blender a heck of a lot easier.

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This was just added https://grabcad.com/library/2019-frc-field-step-export-1 It is a step file and it opens well in fusion 360!

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Looks like this is a straight conversion of the buggy Solidworks CAD.

My version has only 23 missing parts, It appears to be mostly complete…

Ill go thru it tomorrow though and see if I can get a good STEP file out.

I uploaded the file that i used to create my top down renders (something something shamless plug) to grabcad. Its missing any of the aesthetic stuff that was missing, but the platforms at least now properly exist.


I took Nick Aarested’s Onshape document (which seems to have the same missing parts as anyone else’s) and thinned it out (stripping out things like hardware, the tops of the rockets, and internal rocket structure) so it isn’t total molasses on laptops and the like. No warranty, but maybe it’s helpful for you?


Edit to add: Here’s a half-field version in case you’ve got a total potato of a laptop. https://cad.onshape.com/documents/ee96bc4296bb0c8a27ca53b1/w/29457742ccfd670b0e78a5e6/e/d7f823bd38076f4dad078919


Thank you to all that have worked on trying to solve the mistakes. Much appreciated!:grin:

@Billfred I like your skinny version, but I think there is a setting you could you turn on to let us non-onShape users download it and use it as a STEP file? Would you mind?

edit: I don’t know where the setting is, but I bet @RickyRobot knows!

I made a simplified version here in STEP format:

I loaded the .STEP into OnShape and it worked well on my phone. Still some weirdness I will try to correct (each element is a single part, but OnShape divides by the connection, long story…) but it works well enough for now.

Here is a .STEP file of the 2019 Field


Thanks Hadi.


Is it possible to copy the whole assembly or workspace into an assembly in a document in our account so we can break it down further into single structures?

Thanks Hadi! That was exactly what I needed. We are all Inventor over here and had nothing to convert the file with.

Not sure what you asking for…

I am trying to copy the full and half filed OnShape assemblies that BillFred posted into our OnShape account so I can make assemblies that only consist of one discrete part of the field, say the loading station. I can insert the individual parts from the assembly that BillFred posted but then I would have to spend time to figure out how to reassemble them properly. In searching in OnShape, I have come across a number of copies.

  1. Open my document.
  2. Hit the Document menu (hamburger menu in upper left, by “Onshape”)
  3. Select “Copy Workspace”.

That should be all you have to do.

Thanks, Billfred

That worked. The way I was trying to do it before would generate an error message about your document being linked. So I learned something about how “files” are managed in OnShape :slight_smile:

Try sorting by file type size, it should be the largest file and be at the top

In previous years I have worked on the KOP and field model for Autodesk. This year I am working on other projects and just dropped in to check out how teams are progressing. Based on the comments in this thread I checked on the status of the field and KOP with the folks at Autodesk and I will be supplied with Inventor, Fusion 360 and STEP files of the field. I should have links posted later today.

If you need to contact me directly, please email at phil.dollan@autodesk.com