2019 FRC labview activation Problems


Hello, our team has just updated Labview and we have been having problems with the activation of our Labview NI products for days. Some of the products have been activated but others have not. (It would not be as much of a problem if they weren’t important, but they are.) We have tried using the same serial number as we have used for the other products but they are denied. We have used FIRST’s websites but they have not been working (Like the website saying that it could not find the code due to technical problems). We would really appreciate any help or suggestions.


Perhaps a screenshot of your NI License Manager summary.
Here’s ours showing the NI products we have licenses for.


Our team just went through a similar issue. It turns out that the LabView License does change for this year just like past years. One of the Team Leads has to log into the FIRST portal and go to the tab that says “Passwords/Voucher Codes”. Scroll down to National Instruments and the code for the 2019 season is there. Best of luck in Deep Space!
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For future reference, the LabVIEW license code changes every year. In the past you got the serial number on a sticker, or on the CD case, etc. Now the Key is in your team product / voucher area that one of your mentors can retrieve.


Our team had a similar issue. We had several older versions of labview downloaded on the same computer. We could access the newer version in evaluate mode but we could not activate it. What we would up doing was wiping the whole computer and starting over with the download. That seemed to work.


I suspect the advice you’re receiving here is the issue. Some products are licensed forever once licensed. Some require renewals. If you’re seeing some things that “aren’t important” activated, I suspect you’re trying to use last year’s SN and you need to have a lead mentor log in to the first inspires portal to get this year’s SN.

If that doesn’t work, your best bet is to use the NI support line rather than CD. 866-511-6285 Monday-Friday from 1-7PM central time. This line can be used by mentors or students. It’ll help to have your SN starting with the letter B to work through this call.


Turns-out teams were issued new serial numbers this season. We had to get that from our lead coach. He has access to the new number through his dashboard on STIMS.