2019 FRC Prediction Contest


I am announcing a simple prediction contest for 2019 that anyone can join. All you need to do is pick the two teams you think are most likely to win each event. You can submit all your picks at once, or gradually over the course of the season. Just add your name to the sheet, follow the example formatting, and predict away!

EDIT: You get one point per correct team, but if you get two correct teams at the same event, you get three points.


I love the simple format, I’m in


Time to redeem myself


Interesting, I think 1410 will enter.


Anyone want to be my surrogate and just enter the top 2 teams by my Elo ratings? You have my permission, I just need to know who I’m supposed to be rooting for :slight_smile: Otherwise I might be too busy/lazy to enter


Will you create a leaderboard after week 1?


I plan on it.


Can anyone enter?


Yep! Just follow the format on the sheet.


Today is the last day to enter for some of the week one events, so be sure to have them done by 12am Pacific!


My first try with this sort of thing, so this’ll be interesting. Time to tank


Looks fun!


After (Most of) week 1, here are the current top 5*:

nonmythicalbeast: 26
tindleroot: 23
SPang: 22
ReverseEnigma: 21
Niklas701: 21
JamesSonnier: 21


It looks like there may have been some scoring errors… I didn’t check everyone, but I noticed that a few scores near the top (tindleroot, NS1276, SPang, and Caleb Sykes) were low by 1 to 3 points. Hopefully someone can confirm my count on these scores!

I also took the liberty of updating to include the two Israel districts and the Bosphorus regional:

Community Picks: 24

nomythicalbest: 29
tindleroot: 28
NS1276: 26
SPang: 25
ReverseEnigma: 24
Caleb Sykes: 23
DGB: 23
James Sonnier: 23
Niklas: 23
tmpoles: 23

I’m mediocre with Excel, so I made this equation which does the “brute force” approach of matching the two picks to the three winners, hopefully accounting for sequencing permutations. I haven’t checked it thoroughly and it doesn’t have any error-proofing, but it appears to work. The two picks in this case would be in CV4 and CW4, while the three winners would be in D4, E4, and F4.

@Caleb_Sykes, is your entry into this contest simply the top two teams by Elo at each event?


Thanks! In all honesty I have simply been too lazy to make the autoscorer, your contribution is appreciated




I think Caleb and Elo are one in the same


When you could make an actual prediction based on knowledge and facts but you are contractually and emotionally obligated to pick your own teams in all their events


I added equations to auto-calculate the scores to a new tab “Auto Scoring” and hid the old Sheet 1. Unfortunately my approach botched up the “Community Pick” calculation and I don’t have time to fix it now… if someone could fix that, it’d be handy!

Going into Week 3 the scores stand as:
nomythicalbeast: 59
tindleroot: 57
DGB: 52
NS1276: 52
CalebSykes: 49
bryang: 47
Cobbie: 45
James Sonnier: 45


Thank you so much! Sorry about not updating the sheet lately, I’ve been focusing on finals.