2019 FRC Team 2883 F.R.E.D. Robot Reveal



This is the robot that our team spent six weeks of late nights designing. We truly put our blood, sweat, and tears into this machine. The hatch mechanism took hours and hours of machining and countless redesigns. We humbly present to you the glorious robot that is Tazerface. Enjoy!




nice! your robot has the addition of a human player on the field


So that’s where the 3rd human player goes…


@RedLeader342 Love this! :slight_smile: Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed it.


Sick robot! FWIW, I recommend putting the bolts between scoring locations on the cargo ship, they definitely affect placement.


Dang. I wish we were that far along!
Great video.


Not all of us are near top tier teams… xD