2019 FRC World Cup Voting


Last year, in honor of The World Cup I simulated a tournament based on all-star teams from different regions of the world. Since people seemed to like it, I have decided to do it again, but this year I am opening the alliances up for voting. You can vote for up to three teams per region. I selected the teams from which you can vote by the top ten in elo within the region. The form for voting is here. Voting will close on June 1st, and simulations will begin when the Women’s World Cup begins on June 7th.

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Blasphemy that 1746 isn’t available for Georgia…


Elo has them ranked 15th in the state of Georgia.


Elo is wrong


WHAT?!?!? Are you implying ELO isn’t the perfect system. That’s blasphemy in these parts.

But yes 1746 should absolutely be there for Georgia without question.

Also your regions for Michigan are…interesting…

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All models are wrong, but some are useful


The only useful model is the coin flip


Clearly this one doesn’t

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your choices of CHS is…lacking in all honesty. If you would like to do this correctly, get some feedback from those who know something about the teams.


Your Texas choices are also interesting. There are definitely some teams that should be on the list


It may not be perfect, but it doesn’t seem far off from this year’s performance.

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Like he said it’s just the top 10 from each region based on Elo. I am curious who isn’t available from Chesapeake that you think should be?

Cobbie, is the sim entirely Elo based? Is the best move for each region to just pick the three highest Elo teams?

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The sim is not elo based, I will be using this simulator I made at the beginning of the season, and partial OPRs as input values.


STEM Whalers in CT, very good at defense, I’d compare them to 1073, that’s my snub from the southern New England


What about 2062 for Wisconsin? they were a picker in Daly


Yeah, but you have us at least.

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Midwest looks pretty good, I would maybe put 1756 in there, but I don’t recognize some of the teams so I couldn’t say for sure.


To be more realistic, I would have included 1629, 1262, and 6802 at minimum, but it’s honestly really difficult to pick the “top 10 in CHS” since it’s so well rounded.


1640, 747, and 5401 are pretty big snubs from FMA. 1640 won two district events and upset the #1 alliance on Archimedes. 747 won a district event and the DCMP due to their outstanding defensive abilities. 5401 won a district event, DCMP, and the Tesla division.


There are several teams that come to mind. multiple event winner/finalist; teams that were consistently excellent on the field. Some teams changed their strategies to win matches by playing defense. This doesn’t show up in ELO, does it?