2019 Game Piece Holder Movement

After reading the rule book, my team is curious as to whether or not we can move hatch panels and cargo between the game piece holders behind the driver station. If so, wouldn’t it make sense to start loading up one holder so your robot doesn’t have to travel as far to fill a rocket.

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It would be extremely useful if so. Haven’t thought about it until now though. Great question for Q&A on Wednesday. I dot believe something like that was or would be mentioned in the rule book, IMO.

If it is not in the game manual, then there is no rule restricting it.

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That’s what I was thinking too, I just wanted to be sure, thanks.

Note, there IS a rule against moving them before the start of the match:

H3. Leave the GAME PIECES alone. Prior to the start of the MATCH, DRIVE TEAMS may not rearrange the GAME PIECES within the ALLIANCE STATION, staged in the LOADING STATION, or staged in the DEPOT

That kind of implies that moving pieces after the match starts is perfectly legal.


Makes sense. Must have read over tat implication. My bad.

Oh whoops I forgot to mention that lol thank you