2019 game piece predictions?

I have a feeling frisbees are returning as “flying discs”

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I’m going to officially declare my belief that it is NOT going to be frisbees.

The logo has a rocket ship shape.

I’m thinking that it will be a ball game. The twist will be there will be different sizes of balls on the field, representing different sizes asteroids.

I was thinking it would follow more around the lines of

"The game is to score as many of the game pieces (moon rocks) in the opposing side’s trailers as possible. Robots start out in front of the opposite alliances’ human players. There is a 15-second autonomous period, during which robots operate according to programs that teams download to their robot, and a 2-minute Teleoperated period, where robots are driven and controlled by a human drive subteam at one end of the field. Empty cells (also worth 2 points) must be handed to a robot by the “payload specialist” at the mid-field position known as the “outpost”. The robot must deliver the Empty Cell to their human player on one of the corners in order to get a Super Cell that is worth 15 points. A robot can only carry one Empty Cell at a time. Super Cells can only be put into play during the last 20 seconds of play, and only if the human player has been delivered an Empty Cell.

Because logos have been indications of game pieces in the past…

Stronghold logo had a flying boulder, power up logo was pixelated showing cubes?

Up until 2015 game pieces were featured in logos frequently when FIRST changed how the game was revealed. 2015 and onwards seem to only match the theme of the game. I would expect that the rocket in the logo is thematic, not a game piece.

But why? Space ships aren’t actually shaped like saucers, that’s just an old cartoonish trope that came about in the 30’s.

They’re actually shaped like footballs.

I could totally see footballs, with the whole spaceship motif. My guess, is that there is going to be variable ball sizes, from like fuel to boulders, and maybe one bigger, signifying varying asteroids that have to retrieved. Pretty much what Lexeo was thinking.

Would be interesting to try to serialize and shoot numerous sizes of balls. Maybe larger balls are worth more points (and there would be fewer large balls)

It seems as though deep space theme might mean either being on a planet or being in a space ship. If is the first then it is probably the collection of various things (water…). It could also be the preparation of a ship to go to space (put gears and fuel in the rocket to make it fly and then stack the crates of supplies inside. Or it could be explore the land of a distant planet, go over obstacles, go through water, or over regolith.

However, here is my favorite hope. two groups of robots are stuck on a distant planet and have to work together to escape. However at the end they have a chance to get an extra RP by helping the other alliance.

I was thinking it would follow more around the lines of <Lunacy rules>

Everyone is so focused on Lunacy 2 that nobody will see Triple Play 2 coming until it’s too late. Return of the Tetras!

Realistically, a range of sizes of balls would be interesting, and footballs have been a long time coming. I’m surprised we haven’t seen them yet.

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If I had to guess right now, I would say each team needs to fill their own “fueling station” full of fuel in order to make the rocket fly to leave the planet. Each team collects fuel from the ground, and from a structure in the middle of the field. Different fuel sizes are worth different points, and there is a high and low fueling station on each side. In addition, at the end of the match, you will have to activate some “ignition” to get the rocket started. Could be climbing, parking, pressing a high button, etc. Human players can feed robots fuel, or they can try to shoot them into the fueling station themselves.

What are the chances that FIRST would implement 2 fuel based games in 3 years? I say not very likely.

It will allow Andy to sell all of his extra fuel though :wink:

My guess is that, with the theme “Destination: Deep Space” the game pieces will be pods. There likely will be two types of pods: cargo pods and people pods, somewhat in the same vein as the Spacex Dragon or Boeing CST-100 Starliner capsules.

On one hand, pods will be placed in an “orbital path” by human operators that will allow them to be picked up by the spaceships.

Conversely, the spaceship will be able to transfer pods between spaceships or deliver pods to some form of space station (à la Deep Space Nine or ISS). The spaceship will be able to deliver pods low or high to the space station, keeping a low/high game aspect to the mission.

What commerically available item is similar in shape to this? Generally, game pieces are modeled after existing items with first logos slapped on them.


edit: Who knew Lunacy 2 would really be Recycle Rush 2?!

Dodecahedron and or moving goals are my guesses.


Maybe this?