2019 Game & Season Manual preview?

So I was digging on the FIRST website and found some odd preview thumbnails. The first looked like a thumbnail for the 2019 game, big surprise there. The shocking thing was the 2019 game piece preview! Of course, I now had the task of sharing it with you. A little more digging returned a PDF which I’ve attached.

What did I just find? Is this the great leaks my ancestors warned me about? Have I hallucinated this whole thing?

FRC2019Teaser.pdf (1.06 MB)

FRC2019Teaser.pdf (1.06 MB)

Seem legit to me, let me go boot up the recycle rush bot.

This doesn’t smell right…can a mod look at this asap and consider shutting this down? On second thought, I see the embedded FAKE now that I am on my larger screen computer vs my phone. Doh!

The OP let us know his post was fake–just look and the bolded letters in his post.

That would be such a cool game pieces to play with.

Pretty good fake. Only the misuse of “effect” in the last sentence gave it away.

The GDC has historically been pretty good when it comes to correct English usage, especially during and since the dlavery era.

I’ve had a couple of these in my build space for a few years now… we use them occasionally for prototyping practice in the off-season. More challenging than normal round balls!


Actually, the tip off for me was too many prepositions. The GDC keeps them to a minimum.

I agree. This leak seems far fetched.


Better go buy em now - I predict an acute shortage in stores come about Jan 8 or 9.

Except knowing the difference between transitive and transitory. (See various pinning rules over the years - they did get it right in 2018!)

Farfetch’d** FTFY

Is it just me, or does the Nerf logo look like the Cheesy Poofs logo?

A tiny bit.

I appreciate FIRST’s choice to use practical game pieces, such as totes or milk crates, being that they have some legitimate use after the season is over. Hoping they go with a game piece that has a use (rather than plastic gears and yellow balls which aren’t a wiffle ball).

We haven’t had playground-type dodgeballs since I was a student. Those are quite practical, as long as they don’t lose pressure. Practical in this case meaning you can use them to nab somebody from across the room…:yikes:

I see what you mean. It has a similar swoosh.