2019 Game Season Manual?!?!?

I think the GDC leaked a few pages of the 2019 game manual. It doesn’t look finished, probably because it is late March/early April. The field looks disappointing, but I think they will probably add more and make it more exciting. Can’t wait to see the official rules! :confused:
Here’s a link to a google drive thingy:

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Have a great Easter everyone!

It’s so painfully obvious that the GDC has run out of ideas at this point. I’m tired of playing the same game every year. What happened to coopertition? Unfortunately, I wasn’t in FIRST at the time, but I look back on old games with a bit of jealousy. When did they stop coming up with fun, creative ideas like having mandated wheels or splitting the field into two completely separate sections? I’m tired of these fast-paced, exciting, strategically complex games - FIRST is overcompensating - just throwing whatever at the wall to see what sticks. Maybe someday they’ll come to their senses and realize that we just want our regolith back. Let me know if that happens - you can find me in the shop, watching 2008 Waterloo qm17 on repeat.

That’s funny, I think I intercepted parts of a VO script for a similar game:

Welcome to the FIRST Robotics Competition, at this year's game, Hamburger Havoc

Hamburger Havoc is played on a 27x54 foot field called the HOUSE. 
Alliances of 3 teams each operate their robot from behind alliance walls at the end of the field.
The field is divided into five sections:
Red and blue restaurants,
Red and blue kitchens,
and a dining room.

Robots play Hamburger Havoc with hamburger-shaped game pieces.
The objective is to score points by scoring hamburgers onto your alliance's table
The dining room contains a red and blue table where hamburgers can be placed.
Hamburgers may be retrieved from WINDOWS at the alliance walls, fed in by human players.


During the Endgame period, the Kitchen zones are ON FIRE. Parking outside of the Kitchen will gain the alliance


Good luck, and we hope you're prepared for an unforgettable year!

There’s a random element in the pizza game as well. Whoever makes a Hawaiian pizza will be given an automatic win or an automatic red card, based on a random number generator that will be proven to be not quite random. In Week 3 rumors will abound that Frank is at HQ altering the randomness, depending on what pizza he had the night before.

This better not be an April fools joke:ahh:

Don’t worry, we’ll make sure that he’s force-fed Hawaiian pizza so he knows how good it is. Yum, yum.

I hate to break it to you… but what day is it?

On TBA it says 20-14, but the video says 8-0. I don’t know what the significance of this match was but it’s mesmerizing.

The extra points are at least partly for balls on top of the overpass (2 blue, 1 red), and then I suspect at least one foul.

Red score breakdown:
4 laps at 2 points each: 8 points
1 ball on overpass at end of match: 12 points

Total score: 20 points.

Blue score breakdown:
0 laps = 0 points
2 balls on overpass, 24 points
1 G22 foul, crossing the line the wrong way, -10 points

Total score: 14 points

I suspect the significance, if any, is that this is one of the exceptionally few times there’s been a 1v1 or 1v0 in a qual match (since at least 2005, and I think much earlier).

If this is an April Fools joke by FIRST, it’s golden

If not, next year will be… interesting.

Inclined to believe it’s the first, especially with a name like “Pizza Works” :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like someone’s been playing a bit of Overcooked

Do you get an automatic bye to the international championship if you manage to bump Cheesy Poofs as a topping on your pizza?


No, but you unlock the ability to use the CornDog game piece :rolleyes:

… A plastic corndog as a game piece would actually be an interesting challenge.

The Pizza Powered chant just doesn’t roll off the tongue like the Steam Powered chant does.

I think it would be worth it to have a pizza making game if it means we get to have an actual pizza making robot.

Obviously 254 would make ALL the pizzas.

That’s because the theme song isn’t another variation on Steam Powered, it’s this masterpiece.

I’m secretly hoping this isn’t an April fools joke. Can’t wait to see drive teams dressed up like chefs lol

You should watch 7 rivers this week…

I have a lot of reason and evidence to support that this is a fake. Do not get any ideas form this user’s post. If you need evidence, ask me and I will gladly give it to you. I ask the owner to take this post down and delete all copies of the manual before I report this post. If it is real, would you mind telling me and the rest of CD where this leak came from? I think we’re all interested to know what the “original leak” is.

Nevermind. Confirmed April fools joke.

Can you send the file again? I can’t open it