2019 Game Speculation



The robot also has magnets on it that attract to the ceiling, so we can simulate the lower gravity.


Or, what if robots had to weigh a minumim of 150lbs, to simulate stronger gravity. And the game objects are bowling balls.


Oh. NO.

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Who said 254 was “carrying” the other 2 “bad” robots? Definitely during auto but throughout the match? Not on Einsteins!

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Lol, 254 was savage at silicon valley during quaters.

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I have an idea! the robot deposits a lander (Minibot) that then has to do something and then the robot has to go repair something else. also the floor is lunacy and the court is lit by black lights. floor is “ice”


Add to that list: Jefferson Starship - Have You Seen the Stars Tonight (from 1970)

I’m thinking, if not brought up previously, deep space travel is all about resources: food, power, O2. Game could be about acquiring and using up the precious resources during deep space flight.

  • Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domain
  • Pink Floyd - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
  • Frank Zappa - Inca Roads
  • Tom Petty - Zero From Outer Space (not FRC appropriate)
  • Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories - Space Phase

More Space Songs…

  • Aerosmith - Spaced
  • Faith No More - Woodpeckers from Mars
  • Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
  • They Might Be Giants - Particle Man


My guess:


Anyone thought if the floor could be a combination of Lunacy, Stronghold, and Steamworks?
Parts where it will cause bot to slide.
Parts you have to climb over obstacles.
Parts where it’s rugged.

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I suspect a cooperation game to get off the planet together start crashed at two separate landing spots to start reach damaged mothership in middle OVER ROUGH TERRAIN, bring parts and launch endgame, winners bring most parts. There’s also an alternate winning scenario for survivors that cant launch the ship but can survive


I think cause its deep space it’s going to be a weird mashup of lunacy and Steamworks since FTC usually has some similarities with FRC I think there will both blocks and balls. and somehow like in Steamworks we will launch the rocket using fuel, but maybe a low friction floor like lunacy.:smiley:


How about the opposite of a low friction floor? High friction! Wheels must be covered in hook sided “velcro”.


What happens when the hooks wear out? Or rip up the field?


Instant DQ. Deep space is unforgiving.


Combination of random terrain like 2016 and floor like lunacy.


Taking into account the number of international teams in FRC at this moment any use “Lunacy” like floor or any other large field components based on materials which are only distributed in the US is highly unlikely.

If the international teams can’t get their hands on the materials required to build the field how can they build and test competitive robots?


We seem to be on a climbing streak lately so I think that either there won’t be a climbing challenge, or that we’ll have to do/deliver something after we climb (deliver a game piece similar to the pyramid bins in 2013’s Ultimate Ascent, or turn a crank that’s behind a ledge 5’ in the air or something). I also hope they’ll bring back some coopertition challenge, partially because I think it was always an interesting aspect that was unique to FIRST.

The wildcard will be if they reintroduce minibots a’la 2011’s Logo Motion.