2019 Game Speculation


Instant DQ. Deep space is unforgiving.


Combination of random terrain like 2016 and floor like lunacy.


Taking into account the number of international teams in FRC at this moment any use “Lunacy” like floor or any other large field components based on materials which are only distributed in the US is highly unlikely.

If the international teams can’t get their hands on the materials required to build the field how can they build and test competitive robots?


We seem to be on a climbing streak lately so I think that either there won’t be a climbing challenge, or that we’ll have to do/deliver something after we climb (deliver a game piece similar to the pyramid bins in 2013’s Ultimate Ascent, or turn a crank that’s behind a ledge 5’ in the air or something). I also hope they’ll bring back some coopertition challenge, partially because I think it was always an interesting aspect that was unique to FIRST.

The wildcard will be if they reintroduce minibots a’la 2011’s Logo Motion.


Something like 2010? 148’s robot cliber was intense.


Teaser with all the stairs, ramps and doors. Other clues like a planet with an ever changing landscape. Appears to suggest Stronghold style obstacles requiring the next level of suspension; climbing tracks, shrimp or articulating chassis’ or axles, etc…


I hope the game has some sort of shooting like in 2016 or have rings involved. Still want a football game piece or a game using two different sizes of balls in the future!




Thinking about this more… Since Boeing folks were involved in the game design, I think it’s nearly certain that something or the other will fly through the air. Either a shooting game or maybe an end game task (something akin to the mini-climbing-bots, except instead they are shot or fly?).


Whatever it is we’re getting, I’m kinda over the one piece game limit pattern, even more so than the climbing endgame pattern (no, Steamworks fuel doesn’t count).


you know whats deep? the ocean. you know what has a lot of space? the ocean! water game confirmed 2k19.

but seriously, They actually might do something like lunacy. except with terrain from 2016 and “Boulders”
the boulders are rather large oddly shaped pieces of grey foam.


Added to robot inspection:
Robot must be able to float without bumpers.


Would 3500 helium balloons be a pneumatic device?


Would an airplane be a pneumatic device?


do fan jet engines count as a floatation device?


man… hard pass


I’ve only been here since Stronghold, but with what the teaser video and the ideas I’ve seen from this thread, this game

(My own ideas)
Something is scattered, or there are obstructions in the way

Robots would have to work together to activate…whatever we need to

The matches might be shorter, it seemed that the teaser was very much about how everything was going to heck very quickly in a broken spacestation.

(Mix of Both)
We won’t use balls or cubes this year

We won’t have to climb

(Found from Rest of Thread)
will have to do with locating and activating things.

The field will be dark

And theres more but I would need more time to go through the whole thread. Thanks!


all blacklight illumination with white highlights for vision targets. everything else is dimly glowing blue or red.


Possibly next year’s game piece. I’m going out tonight to get mine.


In my speculation it almost looked to me like there was some sort of alert happening, and that perhaps there was a need to escape the planet within a limited amount of time (i.e. before the end of the game).

Or perhaps, the base seemed empty, with no visible people, when suddenly the doors are shutting. Perhaps there was a time limit to get back into the base before being overwhelmed by some sort of ice volcano or…

Well, all of this speculation is pretty useless. Retroactively looking at past teasers didn’t suddenly reveal any “Oh that’s what they meant” moments where the hidden game secrets had been revealed. However, it led me to an interesting thought on a possible future game mechanic. We frequently have an “end game” condition, where teams score points for accomplishing some goal that can only be achieved during the final seconds of the game. What about, instead, a “mid game” condition? There will be some scoring mechanism that can only be achieved at some point during the game, but that point is unkown?

i.e, fitting in with this year’s theme, there is some mission going on in the planet, but at some point the meteor shower warning is activated. Teams have 10 seconds to “secure the base for shelter conditions”, by going to a safe zone and/or operating some field mechanism. Having done that, they can resume normal operations when an “all clear” is sounded after a certain time, or after a certain condition is met.

The engineering challenge associated would be that there was a special scoring bonus available, but it had to be achieved in such a way that it did not leave the robot in an unusable state (e.g. you can climb the rope for bonus points, but then you have to lower yourself back to the field to continue scoring.)

That certainly isn’t something I “got” from the teaser, but it was just something that occurred to me while thinking about the teaser. Anyone who likes to amuse themselves by thinking up ideas for game challenges they would find interesting is free to develop this more fully.