2019 Game Speculation


Lunacy 2: Static Electric Boogaloo


Concept: You are the crew of a spacecraft, and an accident has caused a hull breach. You managed to make it to the emergency shelter in time, but most of the ship is in vacuo. You must use your utility bots to replace the floor hull plates and repair the valves on the air tanks.

The ground would be made out of panels, but some are missing and you need to replace them. The valves would be giant plastic nuts and bolts that you have to pick up, pass through the player station wall where a human player would put them together, then pass them back, or you could make your robot be able to assemble them itself. You would then drop them into holes in an “oxygen tank” structure.


Deep space s that which is outside of the solar system. so I suspect will be more about interstellar mechanics and action.

Everything about launching, orbiting, landing and rovers seems to be covered by the other FIRST franchises.


Next year they will want to emulate a lot of this years game, where the balance of power literally shifted through out the games, going back and forth. That made it a lot better to watch then some of the other years. In steam works, there was a lack of competing for something, both alliances worked mostly separately, rather than actually fighting over something, making the results of most games a lot more easily predictable. I was trying to think of how they could do a similar thing in relation to in the theme of Destination: Deep Space, and I am struggling to think of anything. Given the name, Destination, it would mostly likely be focused on launch or travel. Launch would result in the game being very similar to steam-works, so it will probably lean towards the travel element. How they do that, I’m not sure. Given the design of fields, it doesn’t really make sense for it to be traversing of space, and going through a set of obstacles while collecting resources, but that’s what I’m leaning towards.

As far as FIRST’s goals go, they probably want to expand team work elements, make it harder for just one team to carry, so I reckon the game design will affect that.


This year the Cheesy Poofs were undefeated, and I don’t think FIRST wants that to happen again. You don’t want one robot to be able to carry two bad robots, against 3 good ones.


I think FIRST actually would rather see top teams carry than bottom teams drag alliances down. In 2017, teams basically had to climb to be competitive. #1 alliances constantly lost because they couldn’t get a good climber. In 2018, they took a big step forward by offering a free climb with levitate, not only helping buddy climb strategies, but also making it plausible for an alliance to max out on climb points with two strong solo climbers and a below average, non-climbing robot.

Teamwork is good, but it should be in the vain of 2014 rather than 2017 or 2018’s auto quest.


Instead of having a “low-gravity” field like Lunacy, how about a zero-gravity field? Instead of using slippery plastic, we’ll just play on ice!


…or underwater


Hopefully, it’s like Lunacy!!!

Link to the championship teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xrsZ2KxHeU


I know this won’t happen for obvious reasons, but I was thinking it would be cool if they could delay all comms between driver stations and robots, as it is with rovers and spacecraft. It would still be human controlled, but teams would have incentive to partake in “small acts of automation”. A bit of vision here, a bit of path planning there…


Theme aside, I think that 2019 will either be a big ball game or some sort of indexing game similar to 2013 or 2017. I think that they could index again so quickly since useful shooters in 2017 were rare, and they might like to give teams another shot at an indexing task that will earn lots of points. My other guess is that a big ball game is coming up, since the last one was 2014, so there won’t be any students left that worked on the last big ball game. Either way, I really hope that the field is at least low this year, if not flat. But I have a feeling that it won’t be flat, since we’ve had two pretty flat fields in a row.


Agreed. This shifting of power/control makes for some pretty interesting action from a spectator’s perspective.


My bet goes on a racetrack pattern (one loop being the Blue Alliance territory ,or quadrant, and the other one being the Red Alliance’s space) with an inclined surface on which, to maintain the center of the path on the track, robots will have to maintain an “orbiting velocity” and maintain it to stay “on path”, or increase or decrease it to maneuvre to the upper or lower edge respectivally, especially so if the 2009 Lunacity surface and wheels are re-cycled.


No need to speculate. 100% accurate.


It’s been 4 years since the last game with an inflatable game piece.


Personally I’m thinking that the ideas about a “docking” mechanism of some sort, maybe for a climb, is relatively likely.
Though really I’m just excited they got Neil DeGrasse Tyson for the theme reveal video.


I am really hoping for a frisbee game. I did not get to do FRC during frisbee year and I really want to build a frisbee launcher.

The arenas will be zero gravity and the drive team has to use oxygen tanks.:wink:


Space is dark so what if the field is very dark or darker than normal to simulate space


I think a game played in the dark could be interesting, but not every venue can control their lighting 100%.


If they integrate the lighting elements into the field then it would be relatively easy. Just dim the lights for the whole venue and have lighting on the field which they would turn on in between matches.

The only problem I see with this is that it could be tough for spectators to see the match.

Alternatively, in space the sun is much brighter and has more of a glare than on earth so they could do the same lighting concept and have bright lights on the field to make it more difficult.