2019 Game Speculation


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Sorry, I’m going to take this thread seriously…
What we know is:
-A watergame won’t happen.
-The games have been going forward in time with a little over a century in between.
-2009 (Ten years before 2019) was Lunacy to celebrate the anniversary of the first moon landing, and 2019 is the 50th anniversary of it.

My prediction is another space themed game. The past to future pattern puts us clearly in the future, probably around 2100ish. I doubt the floor will be special or you will have to use special wheels like 2009 since FRC has been less strict over allowed parts recently, but it could happen.


So by 2100, the biggest achievements in space will likely be Elon Musk’s colonized mars. One of the essential elements of his colonization plan is the use of the frozen polar regions to synthesize rocket fuel. What is this frozen material used to make rocket fuel you ask? ICE! Mars themed water game confirmed.


Minibots in water for sure.


The fact that in the introvideo, the day the game was released, that they put a sign saying Water Game —> means that they will probably keep teasing us with the possibility of a water game many years in the future. They will continue to give us hints every year and I guess we will just have to wait and see. Who else is extremely excited for this years competition?! Power Up seems to be one of the most recent heavy strategical games that the best robot might not win every match.


I would liek 2 say that the 2019 and 3019 games are called “SurfStar” and “BeatDrop”, respectively. In “SurfStar”, the robots are on the internet, and the “driveteam” just surfs the internet on different websites. There are no competitions, it just takes place at home. “BeatDrop” requires the robots to mix music like Skrillex while people in the stands rave. Dassit.


Space game to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Credit for the idea goes to one of my former teammates. It might be interesting to fully reimagine Lunacy to fix some of the issues people had with the game and bring some new ideas to the table. (free up the wheels, have actual available game pieces, don’t make it human player trickshot challenge)


I predict another ball game. But on ice. CIM limit will be 1. Unlimited mini CIMs. The robots will also have to climb up the inside of a ventilation shaft (which will be composed of ice).


I don’t know if it’s just the hype I have for the upcoming Black Panther movie talking, but I would love to see an Afrofuturistic style game (think of something like Wakanda aesthetics). It goes with the trend of jumping to different eras (medieval:500 to 1500 AD -> steampunk:19th century -> retro:late 20th century). Although, I don’t know how it would incorporate balls (infinity balls?), assuming it will abide by the trend.


Water Game is the more than decade long running joke


I bet on a space themed game where a Ranking Point will require deploying drone-based lander(s) to a landing zone not reachable by the ground-locked robots. The autonomous mode will necessitate the team to “launch” their robots and place them in an launch orbit that will vary for each Alliance… Orbit will be achieved for the team by appropriating their switch once in the Launch orbit. An opposing Alliance may force the other team to “de-orbit” by stealing their switch away. The Alliances will accumulate points by “docking” their robots together and then move to a Transit orbit. The game will include “resupply” runs for gamepieces like fuel, food and spare parts. There probably also be “space garbage” the robots will have to avoid, or pick-up and dispose of at disposal waypoints for Bonus Points…

Let the 2019 Space Games begin… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



…just kidding


I would actually like to add that the space theory is actually pretty legit considering that the FLL and FLL Jr games next year are supposedly space themed.


There is a great game idea spinning around in my head but is not likely to ever be created as it might be deemed to violently themed to be created, has a horrible name and many deep flaws. But seeing as the point of Stronghold was to breech defenses, destroy your opposing alliance’s castle, and (implied) take over the land was awesome in almost every way, anything might be possible.

FIRST Dominate Theft: Each alliances are pirates each with their own ship. The goal of each alliance is to steal gold from your opposing ship located in chests and return them to yours. They would be in multiple locations each with a set number of gold and would be worth more if in a harder to reach location. By stealing all gold from your opponent you earn 1 RP. You also can fire your cannons to sink your opponents ship by firing balls of some sort at 15 targets that are 3 diameter circles; each is worth some points destroying all targets earn an RP. Gold you stole can be used to buy clothes, food, ammo, etc. earning you some points for each transaction. At the end of the match, robots climb up to the crow’s nest as both ships are sinking.


Has someone been playing Sea of Thieves for a little too long? :wink:

I’ve always been a fan of CTF or Attacking/Defending style games, and if done right could be non-violent and still highly entertaining. Although, seeing a robot getting bonked by a cannon would be entertaining too…


Why stop there? The robot will have to be made of ice as well. Bring your winter coats people! The stadium at World Championship will be kept at a steady 32 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the robot and field from melting.


No, but I think I’ve been playing Rocket League too long. Rocket League game confirmed. :wink: In all seriousness though, I want frisbees to make a return. It will also be Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary, so I’m guessing it will be space themed.


how do you get those images at the bottom of your reply that say things like “archimedes division” and “drive team?”