2019 Gateway Robotics Challenge (GRC)

Registration for 2019 GRC is OPEN!

Please use the link below to register your team and reserve your spot for this exciting One-Day Off-Season event on Saturday, Sept 28th at the Hyland Arena at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO.

Space is limited so register early to hold your spot!

2019 GRC Team Registration Link


The website has been updated to include the 2019 information and registration link



Now that school is back in session, it’s time to get registered for GRC 2019! Lindenwood University is an outstanding sponsor of this event and is already promoting it through their communications department! Check out their recent press release: Gateway Robotics Challenge to be Held at Hyland Arena

The event is limited to 32 teams, so get registered now!

The live stream for this event is https://www.twitch.tv/frcstl


Does anyone know if or when videos will be posted? It also looks like none of the blue alliance data has been updated, not even the teams that attended are posted there.

Just to add on: Whomever is in charge of the stream should make sure they turn on archiving. That way people can watch the video on demand for 14 days.

From team 9991 the Super Hornets (8069 next year):

A big Thank You to team 3330 System of the Corn for allowing us to drive their robot for a few matches while their drivers were at a homecoming event. Thank you to team 1706 Ratchet Rockers and 7452 Dupo Tigers for picking us (3330) to be on their alliance!

Thank you to 4500 RoboHounds and 4314 SUL Abe-Ro-Bots for picking us (9991) to be on their alliance!

Last but not least, a huge thank you to the organizers of GRC, Dave Zilz (@z4t143?) , Teri Clark, Paul Degroot, and @Ryan_Dognaux just to name a few along with all the volunteers for putting on an event with such an excellent environment! You hit the sweet spot! This was just what our new students and parents needed in order to learn how FRC competitions work in preparation for next year! The ability to get up close to the field to get video without it being a problem was something I have not experienced at any other competition.


After emailing the contact email for GRC, I got a response back saying the videos will be posted in 1-2 weeks. I’m not sure about match data.

I forgot to include Lindenwood University. Thank you Lindenwood University! You are doing an awesome favor for FIRST. See you again January 4th.

I actually wasn’t there this year, so all the praise should go to the other folks you mentioned. I’m very happy to see them taking an event that was just an idea I had in 2014 and making it bigger & better than ever.

The match videos are all uploaded and should be added to the blue alliance shortly!


Thanks so much for doing this!

Is there a chance you can remove audio from qualifiers 1, 7 and 19? I think that’s the reason they’re “blocked in this country.” Just thought I’d let you know. Not a big deal. I was able to download QM7 and watch it using a youtube to mp4 website.

All of the disputed songs are now muted and should be playable anywhere! Thanks for letting me know!

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