2019 Google Sheets Component OPR Calculator

The 2019 version of my google sheets OPR calculator is linked below! Like the 2017 and 2018 versions, it has the following features:

  • Pulls all score breakdowns provided by FIRST/TBA
  • Calculates the following per robot:
    • OPR
    • CCWM
    • Component OPRs: auto (points), hatch panels (#), cargo (#), endgame (points)
    • Per robot averages: sandstorm line crossing from L1, L2 (%); hab climb to L1, L2, L3 (%)
    • Per alliance averages: hatch panels and cargo scored in cargo ship and rocket L1, L2, L3 (#)
  • Runs locally in sheets
  • Can be run from mobile or desktop

Link: https://tinyurl.com/2019opr

For teams who integrate this calculator into google sheets-based scouting systems, I’ll be posting a scouting template sheet soon that takes advantage of more of the score breakdowns. However, if there are other component OPRs / averages you’d like added to this one just let me know.


I always use this to validate the first revision of my event simulator, I usually catch one or two bugs as a result, and this year was no exception. All my comparable metrics line up with yours now. So thanks for getting this out before week 1!

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Hello first off want to say I love your code and love making adjustments to customize it for my team. One problem that I have encountered is any event key that has a number in it doesn’t work. I’ve spent hours trying to fix this but can’t get it to work.


Very cool use of the TBA API!

Sorry, I finally had time to take a look. I tried a few events (week0, isde1, mndu2) but couldn’t duplicate the error. Which event(s) did you try and what errors were you seeing? (did it not create the pages, pull data, calculate OPR, etc.) Thanks for letting me know of the issue and sorry I didn’t get to it sooner.

It was while the event was live I will post the error this weekend. Thanks for the response. I also have a question on if DPR could be added as it seems like defense will be very important this year.

I had a problem last weekend with mike2. When I tried to update I got an error message, something about limits? Sorry, I didn’t screenshot it. Just tried it again and everything worked fine. Seems to be better, at least today!
Thanks for the sheet!

Out of curiosity, I tried comparing our scouting data from Del Mar to the component OPR calculator. We had 6 scouts in the stands for the entire event, and recorded scoring information for every robot in every match (in theory). I only tried comparing total hatches (#) and total cargo (#). We have an average hatches/cargo scored in each position for each team. I just added those together for a “total cargo per match” and “total hatches per match” count. Here are simple scatter plots of game piece totals against component OPR.



Interesting that the trend lines have similar slopes for both data sets. Full disclosure: I can’t vouch for the accuracy of our team’s data. All this really proves is that our scouting information isn’t pure noise.


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