2019 greater Pittsburgh regional

Hi I saw that there was not a topic for the 2019 great Pittsburgh regional so I created one


Be aware, if anyone didn’t see the email, trailer and bus parking is further than normal. We will not be able to park trailers in the River Lot as normal due to school still being in session.

Can’t wait to be there!

3324 won its second regional here. There were a lot of great teams and that 8 seed upset at the beginning of elims showed how close the regional was all the way through.


Team 48 was THRILLED to be able to pick 3324 to complete our 2nd regional wins together. We were almost equally as ecstatic when 5842 lasted til the 2nd to last pick in the draft. Quite a few capable defenders were left at the back end of the draft - we weren’t complaining!

For those of you FRC Top 25 voting types, take a look at 3324’s offensive stats compared to some of the top teams in FRC. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Toss some love their way.

Congratulations to all competitors and award winners. Pittsburgh was a much more challenging event than I was expecting going in, with many surprising robots and performances I would not have expected based upon past experience.

Once again, we recorded some Behind the Glass videos. Here’s the playlist:


Thanks 48. You guys were great partners!

5842 was an incredible pick and alliance mate, I’m really bummed that they’re going to Houston and not Detroit!